एसिडिटी क्या है इसके लक्षण , कारण , उपचार। Acidity In Hindi

What is Acidity? what is acidity

(Acidity) The literal meaning of Amlapitta is Acid + Pitta i.e. presence of sourness in bile. When Vata-Pitta and Kapha are in equilibrium in our body; then they are called metals

That is, they are capable of holding the body, but when their balance is disturbed; when they are enraged; Then it is called Vata – Pitta – Kapha dosha. When pitta disorder arises or pitta becomes irritable; Then that acid becomes juice; Then it is called acidosis.

Common symptoms of this disease include restlessness, nervousness, burning in the throat, sour belching, burning sensation in the soles of hands and feet, constipation, indigestion, gas, headache and diarrhea. When the disease progresses; Then peptic ulcer or duodenum ulcer may also occur. As the disease progresses, vomiting occurs immediately after eating.

According to Ayurveda there are three types of acidity

  1. Vata predominant – Darkness before the eyes, tremors in the body parts, pain in any part of the body, fainting, ignorance, having opposite knowledge. Crying or laughing without reason, dizziness, infatuation, thrill.
  2. Pitta predominant – Headache, confusion, fainting, (fainting), anorexia, lethargy, sweetness in saliva, etc.
  3. Kapha predominant – Mental depression, anorexia, feeling of phlegm in the mouth, loss of appetite, itching of the skin, sleepiness, lack of interest in working.

Acidity causes 40 types of disorders.

  1. Burning in all parts of the body.
  2. Burning in any one place of the body.
  3. Feeling of intense heat all over the body.
  4. Burning sensation in the eyes etc., irregular heartbeat.
  5. Gas rise.
  6. Internal burning, heart colic, sour belching.
  7. Various types of burning sensation in hands and feet.
  8. Burning in the eyes.
  9. Burning sensation in a particular organ.
  10. Increase in body temperature.
  11. Excessive sweating
  12. Excessive sweating in a particular part.
  13. A particular kind of smell.
  14. Pain similar to a break in a limb.
  15. Blood thin, dark, foul-smelling.
  16. Black foul smell of meat.
  17. External skin irritation.
  18. Burning in flesh.
  19. Eruption of outer skin.
  20. Various skin disorders.
  21. Bleeding up
  22. Blood biliary diseases (nosebleeds, urticaria, bloody piles, hemorrhage, etc.).
  23. Round red circle on the body.
  24. Greenish-yellow color of the body.
  25. Turmeric-like color of the body.
  26. Blue spots on the face.
  27. Having armpits (flesh bursting in the armpits).
  28. Having jaundice
  29. The taste of the mouth remains bitter.
  30. Bad breath from the mouth.
  31. Increased thirst (trisha).
  32. Staying unsatisfied even after consuming more food.
  33. Blisters in the mouth
  34. Sore throat.
  35. Burning of eyes
  36. Ripening of the anus
  37. Ripening of urine
  38. Bleeding.
  39. Dizziness, feeling of darkness.
  40. Eyes, urine-feces turn green-blue. Pitta disorders are known from the above symptoms.

Symptoms of Acidity

Hydrochloric acid is secreted in the stomach for the digestion of proteins; when it becomes more concentrated (intense); Then the symptoms of acidity (hyper acidity) appear.

Heaviness in the abdomen, sour water in the mouth, pain in the head, flatulence, voice in the intestines, burning in the throat and chest, goosebumps are the common symptoms of acidity.

due to acidity

Due to acidity, modern medical science has also accepted that jealousy, malice, anxiety, fear, stress, anger, mental labor and consumption of heavy, stale, sour, salty foods, excessive use of hot spices in food, fried-roasted foods Consumption of this disease arises.

(1) Haste. This disease arises due to not chewing properly while eating and always being hasty in the mind.

(2) To worry. Continuous worrying has a bad effect on the involuntary organization of our body. Due to which the physical functioning gets disturbed. A disturbed mind leads to tension, which increases anger and excitement.

(3) More chili – use of spices. These spices increase the acidity in the stomach. Due to this, acidosis is born. Hot spices have a bad effect on the functioning of the liver. Don’t eat a meal earlier than three hours after a meal and should not be delayed more than six hours.

There are other reasons like

  • By drinking water during meals.
  • Talking while eating.
  • By not keeping the mind calm during the meal.
  • By drinking water immediately after a meal.
  • By eating many types of dishes of many tastes together.
  • Consuming lemon with food.
  • Standing food.
  • By eating food quickly in less time.
  • By reading newspaper or book during meal or eating while watching TV.
  • Consumption of sour and irritating substances.
  • Acidity increases due to excessive consumption of fast food, junk food, puri-paranthas, kachoris, samosas, namkeens etc.

Natural Remedies for Acidity

  1. Consuming gooseberries with food or in the form of a medicine is more beneficial for the acidity patient.
  2. Mixing cinnamon, bay leaf, cardamom and honey in peeled barley, adha and gooseberry is made, and taking it, the vomiting caused by acidosis is destroyed immediately.
  3. Chillies – Use less and less spices. Among the vegetables, raw papaya vegetable, gourd, zucchini, gilki, tinda, bathua etc. vegetables are the best diet.
  4. Take sprouted grains, fresh sweet fruits, carrot juice, salad and milk, goghrit.
  5. Moong dal with peel, old shali (oily) rice, bread made of bran flour should be consumed.
  6. The food should be fresh, but not too hot and too cold.
  7. High carbohydrate food. Stopping the velocity of stool and urine.
  8. Do not use lemon with food.
  9. Do not use new food, sesame and sour curd.

In this disease, treatment should be started early, after the passage of more time, the disease becomes incurable or incurable. In allopathic medicine, antacids are given, but as a result, there is immediate benefit in the disease, but there is no permanent benefit. By taking full care of diet, diet and abstinence, this disease can be completely controlled with home medicine by patiently keeping the mind calm.

acidity home remedies

  1. Boil 5 grams marrow of Amaltas fruit in a glass of water and make a decoction.
  2. Take 10 to 20 grams of castor oil (medicated castor oil) mixed with hot water or milk and give it at bedtime in the evening.
  3. Give 3 grams of harad (haritaki) powder with hot water at night.
  4. Make a syrup of bael and give it twice a day.
  5. Give 3 grams of bilva powder in fresh curd with boora or sugar candy.
  6. Mix liquorice powder, Amla (Amalaki) powder in equal quantity and lick 3 grams powder with honey on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.
  7. Slowly drink sweetened milk from a gap of 3 to 3 hours.
  8. Lick 2 grams of Giloy powder with honey.
  9. After the meal, take the powder of myrobalan with honey or dry grapes.
  10. Burn coconut kernel and keep it as ashes and giving 3-3 grams with water twice a day is beneficial.
  11. Feeding 1-2 ripe bananas mixed with milk in the morning for breakfast is beneficial.
  12. In the morning and evening, take 50 grams of dry grapes (soaked in water for 10 hours) and drink the water in which the dry grapes are soaked. Do not eat dry grapes. Soak 50 grams of dry grapes and 5 grams of fennel (both crushed) in 200 grams of water overnight. After mixing 10 grams of sugar candy after filtering it in the morning, it is beneficial in acidity.
  13. In the morning sweet fruits such as dates, dates, raisins, figs, chikoo, banana (spotted with very ripe fruit), sweet mango, pomegranate, cilantro, watermelon, cantaloupe etc.
  14. Mixing sweet orange juice, 2 grams roasted cumin and rock salt is beneficial.
  15. Coconut water is beneficial.
  16. After the meal, small hairs should be sucked keeping the myrobalan in the mouth.
  17. Roast the fennel a little and after making a powder by mixing sugar candy in equal quantity, keep sucking 3 grams of the powder in the mouth after meals.
  18. Take equal quantity of Triphala and Kutki powder mixed with sugar candy or honey.
  19. Mix 50 grams of Avipattikar powder in 50 grams of Isabgol husk and take 10 grams of this mixture after meals in the afternoon and night after mixing it with cold sweet milk of the cow and consume it daily till you get benefit.
  20. Keep 5 grams of eating lime dissolved in water at night. Drink 10 grams of lime water in the morning and mix it with milk till it benefits.
  21. Taking 3 grams powder of Pippali with sugar candy regularly in the morning and evening for 40 days is beneficial.
  22. Consuming 10-20 grams of coconut daily along with mishri is beneficial.
  23. Chewing 1 piece of cardamom and 1 piece of clove after a meal is beneficial.
  24. Drinking 1-1 spoon of olive oil before and after meals is beneficial.
  25. In natural health centers where ‘milk kalpa’ is done; Taking the treatment for 50 days gives the same benefit as a panacea.
  26. Take equal quantity of Giloy, neem leaves and bitter gourd leaves, grind it together and mix honey and give it twice a day, it is beneficial in acidity.

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