कोलेस्ट्रॉल क्या है , इसके कारण , लक्षण और रोकथाम

What is cholesterol, its causes, symptoms and prevention

in today’s article what is cholesterol , panacea treatment to reduce cholesterol, how to increase cholesterol, what is HDL cholesterol, what should not be eaten in cholesterol will learn about

The increase of harmful cholesterol is also a disease of modern lifestyle, which can be reduced even at home by adopting natural lifestyle, eating habits, improving lifestyle.

In fact, there are two types of cholesterol in human blood. One good cholesterol and the other bad cholesterol. HDL to Good Cholesterol That is, it is called High Density Lipoprotein, while Bad Cholesterol is called LDL i.e. Low Density Lipoprotein. If it increases more than normal, then there is a blockage in the blood circulation in the arteries,

For this reason, there is a possibility of fatal and painful diseases like heart attack, hypertension (high blood pressure) and brain-stroke, paralysis, kidney failure. It is better to take precautions before getting this disease, so that the troubles to come can be avoided. It is necessary to change the habits of living, eating and drinking.

due to increased cholesterol

  1. Consuming fried foods, which increase the acidity of the blood.
  2. Consuming foods made of flour such as Mathri, Kachori, Samosa, Noodles, Chowmein, Pizza, Bargad, Bread, Pav, Jalebi etc.
  3. Consumption of white flour (without bran), white rice (polishwala) and white salt, white sugar intake.
  4. Consumption of more sweets made from milk.
  5. Using artificial butter cake.
  6. Consuming foods made from vegetable ghee
  7. Smoking, non-vegetarianism, alcohol consumption.
  8. Mental tension, anger, uncontrollable anger. By increasing the secretion of the endocrine gland, the metabolism of fats is affected, resulting in an increase in cholesterol.
  9. By reducing the intake of fruits, vegetables, bran and salad, the amount of fiber is high in them, due to lack of fiber, cholesterol also increases.

home remedies to reduce cholesterol

  • Eat bread made of bran flour. Increase the amount of green vegetables, salads and fruits.
  • Use Mustard oil (Kacchi Ghani) or Sunflower oil, but the quantity should be less.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables – vegetables, cabbage, white pumpkin (petha), tomato, carrot, guava, apple, papaya, gourd, cucumber, orange, grapes. Eat 2 walnuts, 4 almonds, 2 figs, 10 raisins soaked overnight in water every day. These will increase the alkalinity of the blood.
  • Consume 5 grams of Isabgol husk daily. ,
  • Eat 5 grams of garlic, 5 grams of carom seeds daily. Decoction of coriander seeds, juice of wheat jowar, bitter gourd juice, gourd juice, petha (white pumpkin) juice, cucumber juice are more beneficial.
  • Bake 50 grams of sprouted grains, 20 grams of sprouted fenugreek, 30 grams of flaxseed and consume it daily.
  • Soak the native gram in water at night; Drink filtered water in the morning. Chana can also be consumed by boiling or roasting it.
  • After lunch, take 250 grams of cow’s curd (without cream) and churn it, mix it with 2 ratts of toasted asafetida and rock salt or black salt as per taste.
  • Green vegetables contain a phytochemical called lovastatin, which is helpful in reducing cholesterol. Prevents heart diseases, reduces acidity of blood.
  • Take a walk in the open natural air after being happy in the morning at Amritvela. Be happy yourself, keep others happy too, so that there is no secretion of stress hormone from the endocrine glands and the secretion of happy hormone increases, stress is reduced.
  • Do Kapalbhati Pranayama according to your ability and condition under proper guidance.
  • Give importance to physical labor in daily life.
  • Flaxseed contains lecithin, which does not allow cholesterol to accumulate in the blood vessels. Therefore, give preference to linseed.
  • It is beneficial to drink one cup of bottle gourd juice twice a day for two months.
  • Drink available fruit juices daily.
  • Drink tomato juice or soup.

Cholesterol treatment, prevention

  1. Take a 10-minute treatment of frostbite and take a walk in the morning.
  2. After taking the treatment of earthen bandage on the stomach or hot cold compress of the stomach, cleansing of the large intestine should be done by enema.
  3. One day in a week sun-bath and 2 days steam-bath or taking therapy by wrapping a wet sheet will be beneficial.
  4. Hot – frosty sciatica and hot foot – bath are also beneficial.
  5. Oil-massage treatment should be given once a week.
  6. Drink hot water (with lemon juice mixed in it) in the morning. Lemon contains the element nemoline, which reduces harmful cholesterol. Purifies blood vessels.

A typical natural recipe is one cup of lemon juice, one cup of ginger juice, one cup of garlic juice, one cup of fresh turmeric juice, boil all four together and make it thick (boil until there are three cups of total medicine) then cool. After mixing three cups of honey in it, keep it in the fridge. Take 2 spoons in the morning and 2 spoons in the evening with equal quantity of water. With regular use for 2 months, the blockages of blood vessels are removed.

Maintain the rule of essential diet – abstinence. This is a miraculous use.

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