तुलसी खाने के फायदे – Tulsi Benefits In Hindi

benefits of tulsi in hindi Tulsi is a safe antibiotic medicine. It is called omnipotent. This medicine suppresses physical and mental diseases. Ayurveda has also found it effective in many diseases.

Benefits of eating basil – tulsi khane ke interactions

Tulsi plant is also very beneficial for mankind by providing continuous oxygen like peepal.

Tulsi has the property of removing the ill effects of radiation. There are two types of Tulsi – Rama Tulsi, whose leaves are green and Shyama, whose leaves are black. Ayurveda has given similar properties to both.

Tulsi is known by other names like Vaishnavi, Vrinda, Tulsi, Vishnupatni, Sugandha, Pavani etc. According to Ayurveda, Tulsi is antipyretic, antipyretic, anti-diabetic, diuretic, cholecystitis, beneficial for the heart, antipyretic dermatitis, hysteria, unconsciousness.

Tulsi plants are planted in the month of Sawan. It can also be run as a campaign. The distribution of its plants is considered virtuous. The importance of Tulsi increases manifold due to its easy availability and quality to cure many diseases.

properties of basil

Its effect has been found to be very effective in all types of diseases related to gout and phlegm. Basil also has anti-cancer effect. Its use in the form of a local paste is effective in wounds, boils, swelling of joints, pain, sprains etc.

In case of mental depression and low blood pressure, rubbing it on the skin activates the nervous system immediately. It is also applied to destroy the external insects of the body. It is also useful in destroying stomach worms and stomach worms.

Tulsi immediately breaks the cycle of all types of fever. It is also effective in destroying tuberculosis, increases vitality and does not allow harmful bacteria to grow. Where there are Tulsi plants, the air there is virus free and fragrant.

in cough

Taking juice of walnut leaves and juice of basil leaves mixed with honey is very beneficial in cough. Roast 4-5 cloves and take it with basil leaves, it provides relief in all types of cough.

Licking ginger juice mixed with honey in the juice of basil leaves is also beneficial. Taking juice of black basil leaves with black pepper provides relief in cough.

in toothache

Grind basil leaves with black pepper and make small tablets and keep them pressed between the painful teeth, it ends toothache.

in sinus disease

Tulsi leaves or Manjari should be crushed and made into a powder after sifting it and it should be inhaled as a nasya. This stops the bad smell from the nose. Brain worms are destroyed.

ear pain –

After extracting the juice of basil leaves, heat it lightly and drip 2-3 drops in the ear. By this, earache stops, make two parts juice of basil leaves and one part mustard oil on a low flame and make perfect oil. Whenever there is pain in the ear, putting 1-2 drops of this oil ends earache.

In shingles-

Tulsi is considered a very effective medicine in skin diseases. Grinding basil leaves. Mixing lemon juice in it and applying it on herpes for a few days ends ringworm. In other skin diseases, grinding basil leaves in Ganges water and applying it regularly gets rid of white spots. Take two parts juice of basil leaves and one part sesame oil and cook on low flame. Sieve when cooked properly. This oil is also beneficial in skin diseases like itching. For facial beauty, grind basil leaves and apply rubbish.

in malaria

Grind 21 basil leaves and 2 black peppers in a glass of water and boil this water when half the water remains, then take it off and cool it. Give this decoction to the patient like tea, it will cure fever by sweating.

in snake venom

Tulsi is poisonous. In case of snakebite, mix the juice of basil leaves in maximum quantity and rub the root of basil and apply it on the bite site in the body. If a patient suffering from snakebite is unconscious, then the juice of basil leaves should be poured in his ear and nose. This will remove unconsciousness and the effect of snake venom will be removed. The juice of banana stem is also more effective than giving it with the juice of basil leaves.

in diarrhea

Make a decoction of basil leaves and mix it with a small amount of nutmeg and give it to the patient, it is beneficial. Mix 1 gram of basil leaves in 200 grams of curd and add 3 grams of isabgol, 5 grams of bilva powder (Bael powder), it will be beneficial in thin stools.

In reverse –

In case of vomiting, lick the juice of basil leaves with honey. Grinding ginger juice, juice of basil leaves with small cardamom stops vomiting.

in gout

Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties. Taking a decoction of Tulsi stops the pain of the pulse. If there is pain in the joints, drinking the juice of basil leaves is beneficial. The juice of the leaves is massaged on sprains and bruises. Boiling Tulsi’s Panchang in water and taking steam also provides relief in joint pain, paralysis, arthritis etc.

In bad breath –

Swallowing five leaves with water after taking a bath in the morning ends bad breath and weakness of the brain. Memory power and intelligence increase.

In headache-

In the case of migraine, taking 2 grams dried Manjari in the shade of Tulsi and taking it with honey is beneficial. Rubbing the root of black basil like sandalwood and applying it ends headache.

Grind the powder of dried basil leaves or seeds and filter it with a cloth and smelling like a snuff, it is beneficial in headache. Grinding basil leaves and soft leaves of peepal in Baltod and applying it twice a day is beneficial.

On flatulence in children –

According to the condition, giving juice of 1-2 grams of basil leaves is beneficial. Stomach worms – Grind 11 basil leaves and give it with 1 gram bibidang powder and fresh water in the morning and evening, it kills stomach worms. Taking 1 gram of basil seeds with cow’s milk in the morning and night is beneficial in Dhatu Daurbalya.

in leucorrhoea

Making a decoction of Ashoka leaves and Tulsi leaves and giving it for a few days is beneficial.

In hiccups and asthma

Taking 10 grams basil juice with 5 grams honey is beneficial in hiccups and asthma.

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