बादाम खाने के फायदे – Badam Benefits In Hindi

Badam Benefits In Hindi – Badam Benefits of eating almonds

In today’s article we benefits of eating almonds Learn about why you should eat almonds.

Almonds are also grown in the coldest regions of India, especially in Kashmir, Punjab and the west coast of the south. There are more in countries like Kabul (Afghanistan), Turkey and more in Europe.

Only sweet almonds can be eaten. Scrubbing sweet almonds or soaking in water doesn’t give off any smell. This action gives almonds a special smell.

Bitter almonds are poisonous; They are used only in exterior coatings. Bitter almond paste is beneficial in inflammation, ringworm, leprosy, worms especially itching, headache, chronic wounds, wet itching etc. It is beneficial to apply the paste on the dark spots of the body.

Properties of almonds

Strengthening for the pulse, anti-inflammatory, phlegm-bilious, appetite enhancer, wind-killer, mild laxative, debilitating brain, improving digestion power, removing chronic constipation and is beneficial in leucorrhoea and painful menstruation.

Almonds increase milk in the breasts. On the diseases of respiratory institute, urinary institute and reproductive institute, almonds are given by grinding them with other suitable substances.

It is given with peppermint in cough and phlegm. To remove constipation and in case of pain in the intestines, almonds are used with figs. Almond closes the blood coming with phlegm.

Almond is useful in both summer or cold. Produces new blood and semen in the body. Purifies old blood. Almonds are used in the paste (Ubtan) for the beauty of the face.

Eating roasted almonds increases the activity of the stomach. Ripe sweet, smooth, almond kernel is nutritious, phlegmatic and destroys Vata.

To increase brain power and memory power

Soak 10-12 pieces of almond kernels in water at night and in the morning after removing their skins, grind them and mix them with milk. Cook in half a kilo of cow’s milk on low flame. Take it off after 2 or 3 boils, mix sugar candy and take it after turning it upside down in 2 vessels when it becomes cold after a lot of foam. If you want to gain weight, drink honey mixed with small bee when the milk becomes cold. The above experiment is very useful for the students.

watery eyes

If water flows from the eyes, then chewing 3 to 7 pieces of almond kernels daily and eating it is beneficial.

in the flu

In the case of eye flu etc., grind 7 pieces of almonds and mix ghee and sugar candy in it and take it in the morning and evening. Eyes do not come from this and if they do come, they get better soon. Darkness in front of the eyes, disorders caused by heat in the eyes and heat of the brain are pacified. Take at least 7 days. It is also beneficial in dry cough. It is of special interest to children.

visually impaired

Almond kernels and fresh fennel are cleaned, grind fennel after 10-10 tolas, finely chop the almonds and grind them with fennel powder, mix together 20 tola powder of misri and keep it in a vial. Put 1-1 tola powder in the mouth and eat slowly and sleep. After this do not take water and milk anything.

If thirsty, drink water after 4-5 hours. If taken for 40 days, the debility of vision is removed or even if you keep eating 7 pieces of almonds at night, your eyesight becomes sharp.

in madness

– The cause of mental diseases is brain pathology. For the mitigation of these diseases, in the morning and evening, boil 10-10 almond kernels in water and cook it in cow’s milk (20 tola) and mix 2 tola and small cardamom by grinding 3 pieces while cooking, cool it after cooking. Feed the patient This leads to deep sleep. The deformity of the brain is removed. Physical strength also increases. There is great benefit in delirium disease.

In headache-

Grind almond kernel in milk and camphor and apply it on the head and eat almond kernel after cooking it in milk and adding sugar for 3 days.

gonorrhea and burning in urination

Gonorrhea and burning in urine- Grind 7 pieces of almond kernel after peeling it and mix 6 grams of real white sandalwood mixed with water on a stone and mix sugar candy and consume it thrice a day. Due to this, the incurable and painful gonorrhea is removed soon. Burning of urine goes away soon.

In disorders of the brain –

In brain disorders- Soak 5 pieces of almond kernel overnight and remove their peel in the morning. Grind 2-3 kebabchini with almond kernels, 2-3 small cardamom rinds and mix fresh ghee, 1 tola, 1 tola of sugar candy, half a tola of honey and consume it. In this way, the brain becomes strong by consuming it for 7 days in the morning and evening. metal increases.

In constipation

After soaking the almond kernel, take off the skin, dry it and take 21 pieces and take 1 tola of pure nutmeg, keep it in a vial with almond kernel and keep it in a closed cupboard. After 4 days, take out the almond kernel and keep it in another vial. Now eat 1 to 3 pieces of almond kernel daily out of it. This is an excellent handicraft experiment.


In tremor – Take 1-2 pieces of almonds, soaked in water for 8-10 hours, remove the skin and rub it on a stone like sandalwood, mix honey in it, keep licking it, it is very beneficial. Use this for 40 days.

Use of almond oil Pure almond oil should be taken only from trusted pharmacy. There is a possibility of adulteration in the open oil of the market. Almond oil is a mild laxative, wound healer, anthelmintic, useful in earache, sore throat.

Removes pain of anus, liver and spleen. Beneficial in inflammation of kidney and inflammation of uterus. It is beneficial to apply almond oil on the cracked feet of the feet. Putting two drops of oil in the ear is beneficial if there is sound in the ear and by heating it lightly in the earache. If there is lice in the head, by applying this oil, the mites are destroyed.

in chronic constipation

Start consuming 3 grams pure almond oil with warm milk at night. Increase it little by little to 6 grams per day. Chronic constipation will go away within a few days.

in dental

Useful in dental diseases – After burning the skins of almonds, grind 100 grams of coal, mix 20 grams of black pepper and 40 grams of rock salt, grind it and keep it after filtering.

Grind 10 grams of alum in this mixture and mix it. It is beneficial in disorders like bleeding gums, movement of teeth, pain, swelling of gums etc.

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