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How to stop hair fall:
Hair fall has become a very complex problem in today’s time, its effects are very much seen in our country, this type of hair fall is a problem among the youth of our country, in such a situation many people adopt many different methods. Yes, to get your hair.

It is seen in many youths of today that they start losing their hair before their time. In such a situation, today’s post is going to be of great use to you, because in today’s post we are going to share some such tips with you, by which you can try your best. child So can’t bring But when your hair is falling through this, then you can stop it from falling,

Well today your hair is brought through hair transplant. But to some extent it is fine and it takes a lot of money, so why not when your hair starts falling, then only we can fix this problem by using some methods and you will not have any problem in future. Read this article today, you will get complete information in it

Many people tell you many things about why your hair falls. In today’s era, whether it is a boy or a girl, this problem can come in both, there can be many reasons behind hair fall, through which your hair falls.

Some of the reasons are due to heredity, like if one of your parents has hair fall, then your hair may also start falling. There can be many more reasons for this. That you are not giving enough vitamins to your body. Due to which your hair does not grow. There can be many reasons for not growing hair, like due to excessive stress, your hair starts falling. hairy There are many reasons behind the loss of life, so why do not friends know that after all our why does hair fall ,

How to stop hair fall – home remedies

You people must be familiar with the fact that our hair is so delicate, we tamper with it even a little and it starts breaking, there are many such delicate parts in our body. Well now we will talk about hair only. How can you stop your hair fall? hair loss home remedies You can try

To stop hair fall, you have to follow some methods. You can call it a home remedy, that is, you will be able to do this work sitting at home.

#1 Massage hair with hot oil Of :

Massaging with oil proves to be very beneficial for our body. Because by massaging our blood circulation increases very fast, which is very beneficial for the hair. If you have hair fall, then you can massage your hair with mustard oil, this increases the chances of your hair growing very quickly.

#2 Hair Use Aloe Vera to prevent hair fall:

Aloe vera is kept in a very good place in Ayurveda, it is a very useful plant, it is used in many ways in Ayurveda. If you use it on your hair, then your hair will grow. That means your hair will start growing. You can use aloe vera powder and make a paste and apply it on your hair.

#3 Hair with chemical shampoo Avoid Washing:

There are many people, especially girls, who use chemical shampoo, which is not right for the hair, many people think that it has a lot of benefits for the hair, which is wrong to think, it weakens your hair. There are, this can make your hair look good for a short time, but by using them excessively, your hair starts falling, so you should avoid using them.

#4 Hair Use coconut oil to prevent hair fall:

Coconut oil is very beneficial for hair, using coconut oil helps you a lot in growing your hair, coconut oil is considered very beneficial for this. It makes hair strong, coconut oil protects to a great extent from hair breakage of people.

#5 hairy to prevent falling use gooseberry ,

Amla in which the amount of vitamin c is enough, which is very beneficial in making hair strong, if you apply gooseberry oil or amla and massage your hair with it. So you will get a lot of benefits from it, your hair will gradually start growing stronger and stronger. It also increases the shine of your hair, and strengthens the hair roots.

#6 hairy to prevent falling Exercise daily:

If your hair is falling, then you should exercise daily to save your hair, in exercise you can do exercises like shirshashan, Balayam, which is done to strengthen the hair, exercise our hair as well. It is also very good for the body.

hairy the loss of what are the reasons for can be –

#1 hairy Genetic Causes of Falling Genetic Problem:

Hair loss is directly related to heredity, in heredity, the qualities of your father’s, mother’s hair come in you, it is not certain that whose qualities have come in you. In heredity, such qualities are passed on from generation to generation, according to your family, such qualities also come in you.

#2 Not having the right diet hairy fall of

As we all know that our body is completely related to our food, how we eat, and how many minerals we get from it. And when our hair falls, it is also due to our food, because we do not eat those vitamins, proteins, fats in our food, due to which our hair starts falling. The role of vitamins is important in the growth of hair, that is why if we want to grow hair, we have to consume plenty of vitamins.

#3 Washing hair with warm water fall of

By the way, you all must know that bathing with very hot water is not good for health. Hot water is not good for our health, it brings dryness on your body and due to which your hair roots start weakening and break automatically. And gradually your hair starts falling on its own.

#4 Hair style change Fall of :

Nowadays, many people keep changing the texture of their hair ie their hair style, especially the youth of today’s generation are mostly seen doing this, and this is the reason, that if the hair texture is always changing, it becomes weak. It takes If you change your hair texture then you should always be alert about changing your hair texture.

#5 Hair stress Fall of :

Stress makes a man very weak from inside. When more people take stress, then many types of physical problems arise in them. Just like hair fall also comes in this, people who are more prone to stress, their hair starts falling very quickly. It has been seen many times, people who live under a lot of stress, their hair starts falling prematurely.

If you follow these tips daily, then with time your hair will start coming. if today’s post balo ko jhadne se kaise roke If you like it, if you get to learn something from it, then share it with your friends, relatives, so that everyone can know about these tips and help the needy people.

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