लक्ष्य कैसे निर्धारित करे। How To Set A Goal In Hindi

how to set goals Determination of the right goal in life is an important aspect, in the absence of which life hiccups like a directionless boat amidst the waves of the ocean of the world, but reaches nowhere. Often, the desire of the elders of the household, family and elders are the main factors of goal setting. There’s nothing bad about it, if it’s

Everything happens according to your desire and inspiration. Otherwise, the life goal adopted or seen under pressure does not give a sense of the meaning which human being deserves as the best creature of this creation. In the absence of the right goal, despite life being full of achievements, he keeps on weeping from the peace he aspires for.

How to set goals How to set a goal

In spite of everything one finds himself far away from the realization of perfection. Setting life goals is not an easy task either. Very fortunate are those who have a clear goal of life, otherwise a man wanders the mind lost in illusory goals, his whole life is spent wandering after a mirage and the moments of farewell life end tragically with a sad sigh. it happens . Therefore, if the mistake in life goal should be rectified in time, if it is rescheduled, then it will be considered a wise step.

Goals according to interest – Goal setting in Hindi

If the goal is according to the interest, then life becomes easy. It is well known that the mind automatically concentrates on interesting work and the mind is engaged in the work. When the tasks of interest are in front, the person does not procrastinate, settles them on priority basis and completes them. If the work is not of interest, then the person carries it like forced labor and keeps on crying because of lack of time for it. Having the goal in line with the interest is a very big factor, which makes life simple and elegant.

Target based on original talent

It is also an important factor to have the goal in line with one’s ability, talent and ability. If the goal is set according to your natural talent and ability, then success and accomplishment in work is ensured on time, otherwise one has to face the situation like swimming against the stream. Although if we are interested, then our desired capacity can also be developed on the basis of our labor and effort, but it is necessary to have the necessary patience, vitality and perseverance, which is not possible for everyone and in which there is often a mistake. She goes . socially

useful and profitable goals

It is also necessary for the goal to be useful, so that not only one’s own life gets enriched, but it also serves the benefit of the society. Self-centred goals based on the exploitation of others and the harm to the society cannot be considered as a class in any form. It is necessary for the goal of life to be noble, sublime and great, on the basis of this, the big objectives of emotional development, purification of mind and self-development are fulfilled and life attains the feeling of inner peace and meaningfulness along with external success.

goal in nature

Needless to say that the goal is intended to be in accordance with its original nature and nature. It is like the search for Swadharma as mentioned in the Gita, for which along with one’s own effort, a skilled guide is also needed. Doing the search on your own can take a lot of time, but the guidance and direction of a competent person makes this task easy.

Therefore, the cooperation of such human beings can be taken. Your regular introspection is the first step. Intense aspiration is the second stage, on the basis of which proper guidance is also ensured in time.

challenge the goal

Purposeful goal to be challenging – Life goal to be challenging is also an important element. If the goal is within reach or is very simple, then no special effort has to be made to achieve it. In such a situation, a person is deprived of the thrill of the path and at the same time the best possibilities of life are also not revealed. Aiming to conform to the highest ideals is a huge step. History is a witness that with such a goal of life, individuals have been able to realize the divine possibilities of life and have been able to do real benefit of the world. This road is open to all.

goal must be clear

Undoubtedly, the goal of life should be in accordance with the ideal, which makes it possible to reveal the inherent potentialities and ensure the development of life. For this it is also necessary to be clear and practical, which we can translate into action regularly and whose progress we can measure at regular intervals.

don’t set unimaginable goals

Which has no practical nature, which has no measure of progress, such a fanciful goal cannot give life the necessary enthusiasm and inspiration, which are helpful in moving ahead in the battlefield of life. The goal set on the above basis gives a new meaning to life, gives courage to turn daily challenges into opportunities, gives an opportunity to manifest one’s best self, becomes the basis of spiritual development of a person and you are the creator of your destiny. instills confidence. Such a life goal eventually paves the way for the realization of the ultimate and ultimate possibilities of the personality. We should also set the same life goal.

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