लम्बाई कैसे बढ़ाये – लम्बाई बढ़ाने के घरेलू उपाय

how to increase height In today’s era, everyone wants to make their personality good, no matter who they are, everyone likes to look good, many people adopt many strange strange tricks to look good.

Well, today I am going to tell you about such a great way. Through which you will be able to improve your personality. If you want to look good, the first thing you should be on is height. And you people must know this thing that to look good you have to pay attention to your height. So why not let us know in today’s post, how you can increase your height. Which brings a lot of shine to your personality. Well in today’s world many people Height kaise badhaye , Would like to know about it.

In today’s generation, it is seen in people who are 18, 21 years old, that they are often worried about their height. If you are also eager to know how to increase your height, then no one should follow the steps given to you in today’s post with good regularity.

Friends, to complete any work, you must have hard work and patience. That is why in this also you have to work hard and you have to be patient, otherwise one day followed the tips and sat down on the next day. So it will not work like this boss, you have to keep doing these tips every day.

Friends, if any of you are short in height, then you should know this thing. That is why you are short in your height, if your height is short, then there can be many reasons for this, I have given below some of the reasons given by the scientists.

how to increase height – home remedies

In today’s world there are most people who are very worried about their height, if you also want your Height Badhana, then I will give you some home remedies to increase height Do try it and see.

1. Pay attention to nutritious diet to increase height:

As you know that we should always take good nutrients, due to which the organs in our body grow well. As in the nutrient, you get these carbohydrates, proteins, fats and many other elements. You know that protein is very helpful in the growth of the body.

If you always take these nutrients according to your time, then you will not take much time to increase your height, to increase the height, you will have to pay attention to your nutrients. That is why you always kept taking good nutrients. This will greatly increase your body. I am telling you some things that what you should do.

  • First of all, you should consume green vegetables every day.
  • Consume more and more protein.
  • Keep away from junk food.

#2 . to lengthen Try to sit straight

Often when many people sit at some place, they get used to sitting for a long time, when most of the students study, they have the habit of reading by leaning more, which habit becomes the reason for not increasing your height. Therefore, do not bend for a long time, always try to sit straight.

It will not be easy to do at first, but if you make it a habit, it will gradually become easier. You will be able to sit straight without any problem, that is why another advantage of sitting upright is that your spine becomes straight, and which is very helpful in increasing your height.

#3. to lengthen Do exercise daily

We are told from childhood that exercising is very beneficial for health, and today this thing is scientifically defined i.e. scientifically proven. that exercise is very beneficial for us

And if we talk about increasing the height, then the role of exercise is very important in increasing your height, due to exercise, where the body becomes fat, it starts spreading well and there is a stretch in your body, due to which your height increases. Helps a lot. You can do some of these things while exercising.

  • You can run daily.
  • Put the jump
  • can rope
  • Can hang on for a while.

4. to lengthen Have a good sleep

Friends, you must know about why you need sleep, if you do not know then you must read this post. Good sleep has many benefits for you. Because with good sleep our body grows well. And when good sleep is complete then the mind of the person is very good at that time. That’s why you should sleep at least 7 -9 hours every day because our body regenerates by sleeping. This gives a very good effect on our height.

  • Pay special attention while sleeping:
    • When you are sleeping, you should take care that you sleep straight for a long time.
    • Do not sleep lying down too much.
  • How will you sleep well?
    • Do not watch TV before sleeping.
    • Do not look at the mobile screen after turning off the light.
    • Do not smoke alcoholic cigarettes etc.
    • Write your personal things in a diary.
    • Do things that make you happy. Due to this our serotonin hormone is secreted and due to its secretion we get good sleep.

5. Play sports to increase height ,

Playing is a good exercise, well we all know this. One thing with playing is that you can increase your height. Because by playing our body increases a lot, and you can stay very healthy, you can do football, kabaddi, swimming, cycling while playing.

#6 , to lengthen Increase immunity.

Immunity helps a lot in increasing your height. As immunity is there to fight your disease, but to some extent it also becomes the reason for increasing your height. If you are healthy, then you will be able to increase your height as well.

7. To increase the length Stay away from smoking.

Smoking is injurious to health, this truth cannot be called a lie, if you smoke and want to increase your height and height, then you have to stay away from smoking for that. That means you don’t have to smoke.

Smoking severely affects the immunity of our body. With this your height will never increase because whatever power you will have to increase your height. You will lose that after smoking. That’s why keep away from smoking.

Reason for not increasing Height:

  1. If your height is short then your genetics problem may be behind it. It happens in heredity that if the height of your parents is short, then it has been seen to a great extent that their height is very low, these qualities can come in anyone, if your father’s age is long then it may be that your The length should also increase. These qualities can come in you, it is not certain that the quality of father can come in you, the quality of either of your mother or father can come.
  2. Your nutrition can also be due to not increasing the height, that is, what kind of nutrients you take. And how many nutrients do you get? If you do not eat any diet or food properly, then this can also be an important reason for not increasing your height.
  3. It can also happen due to not increasing the height, that you will be drinking very little water, that is, you will have less water in your body, for that you will have to drink more water every day.
  4. This is also the reason for not increasing the height of many people, because they lift very heavy things at a very young age, due to which their height does not increase.

what did you go today

Today you How To Increase Height – Home Remedies To Increase Height Have to go about it, hope that you like today’s post, and you must share it. So that other people can also know about these methods that how you can increase your height.

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