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how to make good use of time It is famous about time that it is such a flying truth, whose face no one can see; Because it is always moving forward, there is no looking back. There are hairs on the back of its head, if one wants, one can just hold them and move along with it and do Kaal in his favor, otherwise Kaal does not wait for anyone.

Those who are not able to keep pace with it, they lag behind in the journey of life and are deprived of the possibilities with which they were sent to earth, whose full development was possible here.

It is a fact that everyone has got 24 hours, neither more nor less. Despite this, many do amazing things in this time, while many keep crying because of lack of time.

all game here good use of time is of This is the factor that separates a successful person from a failure. Twenty-four hours a day slips out of the hand of a careless person, like sand from a fist, but a conscious person, using every moment wisely, realizes the saying of extracting oil from a heap of sand. Whereas a careless person unaware of the value of time keeps on complaining about the paucity of time and is doomed to lead a failed and wasteful life.

how to make good use of time

For this time management Knowledge of sources is essential. In this, it is important to understand the priorities of the tasks and for this it is necessary to have the clarity of its goal, on the basis of which efficient time management can be carried out.

Generally the tasks can be divided into four categories. First – important and urgent tasks, which have to be completed without wasting time. Second – important, but non-urgent tasks, which can be left to complete at an appropriate time.

Third- Urgent, but non-important tasks, which can be shared among colleagues. Fourth – non-immediate and non-important tasks, which can be postponed for leisure time. Often those who cry for lack of time, or whose essential work is not done on time and who are always surprised in the state of trouble,

There is a rush to complete the tasks at the last minute. They are violating this priority somewhere or the other. When we are doing gossip, chatting or other unnecessary tasks of the fourth level as our priority,

So there is no time left for the first and second grade tasks and they keep getting postponed and they create tense pressure at the last minute and are completed in haste or half-hearted manner.

proper use of time Therefore, along with the understanding of the above priority, it is also necessary to pay attention to some other facts to manage the time,

1. Make a work plan

Planning takes time, but it saves time in the long run. Planning and working is important in binding time. The time taken for this regularly saves valuable time and helps in completing more work in less time.

2. Tracking by making chart –

Tracking the work by making charts keeps us informed about the progress of the goal. By ticking the details of daily tasks in this chart, we keep assessing the progress of the work on a daily and weekly basis and the points which are being expected, these can then be accomplished efficiently by this method.

3. Stay Concentrated on Your Goal

Concentration – Staying focused on your goal is an important factor. Many reasons will come in the way to distract you from the work, but if you stick to your goal with firmness and clarity, then hope and enthusiasm increases and time management becomes easy when you get the expected success in the work.

4. Make good use of the time of peace

4. Peak Hours – The moments in which the body and mind are in harmony, the mind is naturally calm and concentrated, do not waste such moments in non-important activities. In these moments a lot of work gets done easily in no time. , Save such precious moments to important and difficult tasks. From time to time management point of view. It is a wise move.

5.Keep busy with your work without wasting time

5. Carry out small to big tasks – If there are many tasks to be tackled and there is confusion about where to start, then without wasting time, take those tasks in hand, which are simple, small or interesting. Their successful completion instills hope and enthusiasm, which then gives a suitable mood for undertaking big and difficult tasks.

6. Make the most of your free time

6. Make good use of free time – While waiting somewhere, traveling in train or metro, free time can be used to complete essential tasks based on priorities. In these moments, many types of second, third and fourth grade tasks can be dealt with. could.

7. Stay Away from Time Wasting Cars

Along with the proper use of time, it is also necessary to pay attention to such elements, which waste time like mites. There is a need to be careful with them.

8.Stay away from social media

Social media is a fact that is a major factor in the wastage of time for most of the smartphone users. Use it as much as is necessary. Important messages coming from the other side can be dealt with at a certain time of the day. Sticking to it all day cannot be considered appropriate in any way.

9. Don’t waste time gossiping

Gossip and squabbles are another big factor in wasting time. Man – When the gathering is decorated between friends, it is not known how the hours were spent in gossip and discussion. Do not sit in any such scheduled meeting for more than a certain time and if the environment is negative, stay away from it as much as possible.

10. Don’t make the same mistake again and again

Repeating the same mistake and not taking lesson from mistake – is a very important factor in wasting time. By making the same mistake over and over again, we get stuck in a negative mood. Breaking out of this endless vicious cycle is essential for any progress. The receipt of new energy, enthusiasm and confidence as soon as it comes out ensures better planning of time.

11. Do one thing at a time

Doing many tasks at the same time – In such a situation, the pressure increases to such a degree that the main task is to multiply the daughter-in-law correctly. That is, to possess many qualities, only one defect is sufficient. E can’t. In such a situation, it is necessary that the tasks should be dealt one by one on priority 1 basis. As far as possible, many tasks should not be taken up at the same time.

12. Reduce the urge for perfection

The desire for perfection – is a good thing in itself, but it can also be a hindrance in time management, because in such a situation, when the results do not come as expected and the expectation from oneself is a bit more, then the person can become frustrated, and try There may be slackness.

13. improve unhealthy lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is also a big factor, which hinders effective time management. When there is no fixed order of sleep and wakefulness, diet and lifestyle are disturbed, then the disturbed lifestyle affects the mental balance, which is directly related to time management.

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