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Benefits and properties of asafetida – Asafoetida Benefits in Hindi

The role of asafoetida is also not less in the spices used in the kitchen. Asafoetida is also a digestive, it is also an antidote. It destroys stomach worms and destroys vata and kapha. Prevents from heart disease. Beneficial for the eyes. Physical and mental strength. Consumption of asafetida dilutes the phlegm that accumulates in the trachea. The quality of extracting phlegm is beneficial in cough. It also destroys the smell of phlegm by destroying the germs living in the phlegm.

pure asafoetida test

Which when mixed with asafoetida gradually dissolves completely, and the water looks like pure milk and no residue settles on the floor of the pot, it is pure asafoetida.

Asafoetida burns completely. Its color should be good, strong smell and taste bitter. Similarly, tested asafoetida should be used.

From commercial point of view, adulterated traders mix wheat flour, stone pieces etc. in asafetida, due to which its weight increases. When asafetida dissolves in water, it settles on the floor of the pot.

asafoetida purification

Put asafoetida in an iron vessel inside ghee and put it on the fire, when some color turns red, take it off and use it.

in mental illnesses

In psychiatry, the brain becomes more sensitive to external events due to weakness in the brain and brain, which leads to mistakes.

Being depressed day and night in depressing thoughts gives rise to a state of mental depression.

The psychic fantasies made it frightening she gives. Many psychoses start taking birth. In such a difficult situation, taking half a gram of asafetida daily prevents the above maladies. ,

in serious diseases

Giving enema of asafoetida water is beneficial to cure intestinal diseases and worms. Sciatica vata, paralysis, hysteria attack, is beneficial in malaria fever. Asafetida camphor tablet should be given when symptoms of typhus are seen.

If you are unable to swallow the tablet, asafetida mixed with ginger juice should be rubbed on the tongue. This improves the pulse speed.

The trembling of hands and feet goes away. Disturbance is pacified by tossing the hands and feet of the patient, tearing clothes, murmuring etc. Taking camphor vati with asafoetida is beneficial in diseases like nervousness, dizziness etc.

Giving asafoetida at the time of delivery cleanses the uterus and clears the uterus. The uterus is purified. Dard stops. ,

in hysteria

The use of asafoetida is very effective in diseases caused by hysteria and hysteria. Globus hysteria in which the patient feels a spiral from inside the abdomen moving down the throat towards the chest and has a seizure. In this disease, asafetida camphor should be taken according to the advice of the doctor.


Ringworm is destroyed by applying asafetida on the ringworm. * In the evening, take four times mustard oil from the powder of asafetida and dry ginger in ear, voice and deafness and heat four times the Panchang juice of Apomag with four times the oil. While heating the oil, there will be a crackling sound. When the sound stops, then take out the oil and when it cools down, filter it and fill it in the vial. When this proven oil is poured into the ear, the sound in the ear and deafness is removed.

stomach pain

Mixing half a pound of asafetida in hot water and giving it through the anus through the anus is beneficial. ,


250 min. Take gram asafetida and give it to the patient with a glass of hot water, it will be beneficial. This use increases digestion power and appetite. ,

in dyspepsia

If there is sour belching in dyspepsia and there is slight diarrhea, if there is air in the stomach then 250 ml. Swallow gram asafetida with ghee. If there is severe pain, then apply castor oil on the stomach and bake it with hot water. ,

in toothache

10 min. Gram . Mix asafetida with oil and keep it in the mouth. Spit after 5 minutes and rinse with asafetida in hot water.

in hiccup

Giving the smoke of asafetida and urad in Vataja hiccups stops the hiccups.

when urination stops

If there is obstruction in urination due to the generation of air, 250 ml. Taking 1 gram powder of gram asafetida and small cardamom after 1-1 hours with water 3-4 times, the urine becomes clear. This is a very beneficial use.

on the bite of a scorpion

Grinding asafetida in aak’s milk and immediately applying it on the bite site destroys the effect of the poison.

Old wound (when the wound gets worse) –

To cure the stench in the wound for a long time, mix 25 grams of fresh neem leaves and 1 gram asafoetida and grind it with ghee and tie it together, it kills the worms of the wound. The wound heals quickly. Doing this experiment regularly for a few days will give full benefits.

In whooping cough –

In the second stage of whooping cough, when cough is accompanied by seizures, take half a gram asafetida with ghee in three to three hours. How to make Asafoetida Kapoor Vati Take 10-10 grams asafetida and camphor and mix them in honey and make tablets of 1-1 grams. They are useful in many diseases.

Dosage – 1 to 2 tablets thrice a day. Anupana – It should be taken with water, milk, honey or ginger juice. It is useful in typhus, slow delirium, delusions, hysteria etc. due to vata aggravation.

How to make Hingwashtak Churna

Make a powder by grinding dry ginger, black pepper, peepal, white cumin, black cumin, parsley, rock salt in equal quantity and half of it roasted in pure asafetida ghee. Many types of stomach disorders are cured by taking it in the amount of 3 grams before meals.

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