10 tips for not gaining weight

In times of confinement, the day can seem long and the temptation to snack very great! Going back and forth between the sofa and the kitchen can be fatal if you do not impose a little discipline. To manage a sedentary lifestyle and maintain a balanced diet, here are some dietary advice to adopt on a daily basis.

Respect 3 meals a day

Home confinement shouldn’t upset your usual eating pattern. Keep a dynamic of 3 main meals a day and fixed times whenever possible. Staying at home doesn’t have to mean “eating anyhow, any time of day.” Eating at fixed times helps reduce cravings and unwanted snacking. If necessary, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a healthy snack in the afternoon, also at a fixed time if possible!

Plan your menus

During a period of confinement, exits are reduced as much as possible. You must therefore plan a shopping list to optimize your trips. To maintain your eating rhythm and avoid improvising unbalanced meals, plan your menus by thinking about the content of your future plates: favor seasonal, nutritious and healthy foods.

Eat enough during meals

This is the key to saving yourself from any temptation to snack between meals: eat in sufficient quantity during the 3 main meals. Be sure to make a hearty breakfast, a balanced lunch, and a lighter dinner. A snack made up of fresh fruit, dried fruit and dairy products is quite possible to spend the long afternoon on the sofa without deviation.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Everyone rushed to the shelves of pasta and other dry products. But it’s also important to stock up on fruits and vegetables. Choose seasonal, local and organic products as much as possible to fill up with vitamins. Also consider jarred and frozen products, preferably raw and unprocessed. Avoid at all costs the temptation of cooked, industrialized products rich in salt, additives, pesticides and preservatives.

Drink enough water

At home, with household chores, children or teleworking, you can quickly forget your good habits! As in the office, keep the habit of the water bottle always with you. Remember to hydrate yourself enough by drinking at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day to reduce cravings and water retention. To help you, know that you should drink 7 to 8 glasses of water during the day, do the math!

Treat yourself to small pleasures

Confinement can be experienced as a source of stress. Do not add extra stress to yourself with a strict, flavorless diet! It is essential to give yourself small pleasures 2 to 3 times a week! A snack with the children, an aperitif with friends on webcam, a homemade pizza or even a cheese platter… However, avoid products that are too fatty, sweet or industrialized, which tire, strain energy and morale. “

Eat chocolate… yes if !!

Once again, it is essential to have fun during this period of confinement. It is quite possible to eat chocolate and not get fat. It’s all about balance! Treat yourself to a little ritual with a large square of 70% dark chocolate every day. Comforting at will, chocolate has an interesting level of magnesium and zinc which regulates the nervous and moral system. “

Maintain adequate intake of vitamin C

In this time of pandemic, it is important to build a solid immune system. For this, do not hesitate to increase your vitamin C intake by consuming two servings of fresh fruit per day. Ideal for staying healthy!

Differentiate between hunger and cravings

It’s not easy to resist in front of the closet when you’re at home all day. In order not to gain weight, it is important to differentiate between wanting to eat and being hungry. To help you, trust the time when it happens: if it’s an hour after you have eaten, it’s not hunger. When we want to eat, we often want to turn to fatty, salty or sweet products. Consider whether a piece of fruit or a handful of almonds would stall you.


During confinement, energy expenditure decreases but not the number of calories. To rebalance, it is necessary to maintain a sports activity. Whether you are athletic or not, you have to work out. It’s up to you to find out how: yoga, fitness, indoor cycling, jogging (within a radius of one kilometer around the house and one hour maximum).

As you can see, in order not to gain weight during a period of confinement, you must show a minimum of discipline to punctuate your days and limit the desire for snacking.

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