12th मे Topper कैसे बने । 12th Me Top Kaise Kare ।

12th Me Top kaise kare . If you are a student, and that too of 12th, then pay attention because today’s post is going to be very special for you people, because today I am going to tell you some such methods, which you can try and make yourself happy. How to become Topper in 12th we will tell

Friends, you must know that school life is such a fun moment, although we do not know its importance then. I have written today’s post after much deliberation. If you are in 12th class, then you should know that if you are looking for any JOB in future, then your 12th result is very important, if you are thinking that you should 12th exam How will you be able to top

Many students make many mistakes in their school life. Due to which they have a very bad effect on the result, which is not right for a student. For you to have a good setting in your life, you need to pay a lot of attention to your studies. So that you can improve your future.

You will definitely be familiar with this, as you progress in the class ahead of you. By the way, the burden of your studies increases, by the way, coming top in 12th is not a big deal. You just need a little hard work for that. Keep in mind that only a little hard work will make you successful.

12th Me Top kaise kare – How to become Topper in 12th.

Friends, I cannot say that you do not even need to study for 12 hours to top 12th, if you use every day of the year properly.

If you want to top 12th, then you have to do your studies carefully, and for that we will tell you a tip that how you can study in 12th with your heart.

You must have heard this proverb, “With hard work, we do not get any result”, if we translate it in Hindi, then we can say. That without hard work there can be no fruit. That is, if any person does any work. So he will not be successful in that till then. Unless he works hard.

Don’t focus on that work. And you have to do the same thing. You also have to take your studies seriously.

All you have to do is that your mind should not wander anywhere else while studying. Let me tell you some such topic by topic, what you have to do to come 12th top.

#1 Understand your syllabus.

When we go to any class. Then in that class we have to pay attention to the syllabus to pass the exam, according to which exam is taken in the exam. And how do you pass your exam well. And how to study So that in the exam you can answer all the questions with good information. You have to find out the syllabus in every way.

You will be able to know by looking at the previous year papers. How questions are asked in the exam. When you have a good knowledge of the syllabus.

Then how you have to manage your time To complete the syllabus completely, then you have to think about time management, that how you can study well on your time.

#2 Learn to manage time.

Time is Money {Time Is Money} You must have heard this proverb, often we are told these things in school. We are told that what is the importance of time in our life. And your time in this world will not be gone.

That time again you will not even look back. Often we find these things absurd in our school life. But this is very important for us.

You have to manage your time in a good way to make good use of your time. You have to make your own time table keeping the value of your time. It is not necessary that you have to make it on paper only.

Pay attention that you do not have so much time, which you make for yourself on the time table paper, you always have to think in your mind that when you have to study, when you have to play. And when you have more work to do.

#3 practice regularly ,

Practicing will lead to swelling.
Rasri will come down, layer on the cob.

You must have heard this couplet, the meaning of this couplet is that no matter how much trouble you have by keeping practicing. If you keep practicing then you can definitely be successful.

In this couplet, you have been told that after a stone is repeatedly rubbed by a rope, the rope does not break, but the stone does wear off. In this way if you practice continuously. If you do, then no matter how strong a stone is in front of you in the exam, you can wear it on the strength of your hard work.

By the way, this thing has become only a proverb, but in fact, let me tell you, then your continuous practice does a lot of wonders.

I have also experienced this thing, that if you do any work, then understand that you keep doing that work continuously. So you get the existence of having more experience to be successful to a great extent.

If you get more experience in any area, then you become master of that area, that’s why you should practice all the syllabus of the exam so much that no exam can disturb you. If you go to ask any topper, he will tell you to practice as much as you read. As you keep practicing, you will start doing better.

#4 Pay attention to your health.

Who does not like a healthy body, you will also have to stay healthy, yes you have to pay attention to your health along with your studies.

If your health will be good. So you will have energy to use it in your studies. Because you will know that even while studying, our body’s energy is consumed, that is why we feel hungry soon after studying, and you do not pay attention to your food and drink in the course of studies. which is not correct.

Eat whenever you feel like eating because food is necessary for us, you should eat only healthy food in food, such as – salad, rice – green vegetables, carrots, puffed gram.

These are all light food, consuming which you will not have any problem. And let me tell you that if you pay attention to fast food. So avoid it because fast food spoils the digestive style of our body. And it can bother you to a great extent at the time of study.

#5 Do self study.

Many students make this mistake, that they are completely dependent on their coaching, school and tuition. Which is quite a wrong thing, if you want to be a topper. So don’t make this mistake. Don’t depend on others, study by yourself.

If you have any problem, then you can ask your elder brother or sister or the school teacher. You will definitely get a solution for your problem.

School teachers can’t always teach you, so you can spend as much time as you get with them in doing your study problems. And read from yourself, no one has to say that you do not study.

If you pay attention to studies, then no one in your house will speak negative things to you. From above your guardians will do their best not to disturb you. This is the specialty of our Indian parents.

#6 Make notes and read.

You ask many toppers, they make their own notes and read them. The point is absolutely right, as much as you can understand from your own notes, you will probably be able to read from others’ notes only when you come near. Therefore, make your own note book and read it so that you do not have trouble remembering the question of any subject again.

Now you will think that how to make your own notes. So pay attention. Whatever you study in school, tuition, you should come to your home and write it well on a copy and keep revising it.

#7 Study smart.

I know what must be coming to your mind as soon as you hear the name Smart Study, in Smart Study you can complete your studies in a smart way. Some such tricks by which you will be able to do your studies in an even better way. I have seen many students who keep on studying all day long.

I hope there may be such a boy in your class too, so this may be the wrong way. Because along with studies, you will also have to adopt some means of entertainment. Like you can play a game, you can play a good game. And to make your studies even better, do whatever you like for your enjoyment.

And of course the biggest thing you should do is sit on the bench before your class. It is known from many researches that the student sitting behind you is not able to understand the question well because their mind is not on the teacher and the teacher also cannot pay attention to them. That is why this is also an important way to study smart.

#8 Do not take stress while studying

It is the mistake of most of the students that they start taking more stress about anything, so if you face any problem, then talk to your parents for its solution, because if you will not be stress free. Then you will not be able to read well. That is why do not take stress, otherwise if you take stress, then you can suffer a lot. This may cause you health problems.

  • How to remove stress
    • If you are getting tensed about anything, then you can listen to music. And you can freshen your mind.
    • Eat good food, take nind puri and take full care of your health.
    • Go for a walk outside in a quiet place.
    • Have some talk with friends.
    • Take care of your health.

#9 How many hours is required to study to top 12th ,

There is a question in the mind of many students that how many hours of study may be required every day for its preparation, then friend, you must know that hard work is the key to your success and you have to spend 5 days every day. – Will have to study it for 6 hours,

I know it is not easy to read for so many hours, but it is not difficult either, you have to study everyday with a strategy. And you have to do smart work along with hard work. This will help you a lot in clearing the exam.

#10 Read from NCERT book.

If you are a student of 10th and 12th, then keep in mind that whenever you read, read your Ncert book only because all the questions are decided from this book, it never happened that questions have come from any other book in the exam.

Many students who read any other reference book except Ncert book, but they do not know that Ncert book is made by the government according to your syllabus. If you say in common language, then this book is enough to top 12th. Just read this book after understanding it. Finish the syllabus of the book and practice it continuously. And consider your Ncert book as the key to success.

last word

I hope you guys like today’s post 12th Me Top kaise kare – How to become Topper in 12th. Liked it If you have any question related to this, then you can ask us in the comment box below, you can ask your question and what is your opinion on this post, you can tell us through comment.

Friends, if you use these methods. So I can say this completely that no one can stop you from coming to the top. That’s why it is possible that the post you are reading today may also come. using these methods. Today’s post was for all the students who want to get good marks in their exam. He must use these methods continuously.

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