Onesumore: ABC’s ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Coming to Netflix in April 2021

The Baker and the Beauty – Image: NBCUniversal Television

Upcoming network shows on Netflix are somewhat rare these days, with most providers choosing to put their shows on their own platform. This will not be the case for ABC rom-com The baker and the beauty which will arrive on Netflix in the United States in mid-April 2021.

The show is based on the Israeli show of the same name and, although it aired on ABC last April, the show is distributed in the United States by NBCUniversal Television.

The baker and the beauty with Victor Rasuk, Victor Rasuk, Dan Bucatinsky and David Del Río. As you might expect from the title, the often-busting musical show is about a blue-collar baker who forms a relationship with an international superstar.

He is highly rated with a 7.3 on IMDb and a large fan base on social media.

All season 1 of The baker and the beauty is listed to hit Netflix on April 13, 2021 as part of the big April 2021 lineup for Netflix in the US. Other regions are not expected to air the show at this time.

Each episode lasts between 40 and 43 minutes and lasts 9 episodes in total.

The bad news for all fans of the series is that it won’t be back for a season 2. Back in June 2020, the show was canceled by ABC after just one season, but that gave no specific reason.

Its arrival on Netflix may raise hopes for a revival, and although the odds are likely slim (with actor option contracts being a significant issue, for example, and COVID-19 almost certainly playing a role). It’s not impossible, however, that Netflix could give the series a second as it certainly lacks in this genre (which isn’t aimed at teenagers anyway).

Ultimately, if a decision is made, it will depend on how many people start the series and how many people make it to the end.

Will you check The baker and the beauty when will it hit Netflix later in April? Let us know in the comments below.


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