Actress Gauhar Khan and Zaid Darbar are married. Their celebrations began on December 22, and the two were married on December 25. Lots of videos and photos of the reception and Nikah surfaced on social media which went fiercely viral. After Nikah, Gauhar Khan shared some photos with Shahar Zaid’s court on Sunday.

Gowhar Khan’s face is clearly visible after the wedding. The two are seen in the mood for fun in the photo. Both are wearing gray t-shirts. Zaid’s T-shirt has “Hubi” written on it and Gauhar’s T-shirt has “Waifi” written on it. In the caption of the photos, Gauhar Khan created a heart-shaped emoji in black color.

After Chixa, Mehndi and Sangeet, both said to each other “Kubool Hai”. During the celebrations, Zaid Darbar’s father, Ismail Darbar, sang many songs with his wife.

Nigar Khan posted a photo and told the sister – Happy marriage, Gauhar Khan’s reaction will win hearts

Kashmira Shah turned fans up in pink bikini, Nand Aarti Singh made this comment

Ex boyfriend Kushal Tandon congratulated

Gauhar returned to work after Nikah. They don’t even have time to go on their honeymoon. Recently, Gauhar Khan was spotted at Mumbai Airport. In the theft by chance, Gauhar Khan also had her ex-boyfriend Kushal Tandon. In such a situation, Kushal shared a video and called the actress a happy marriage.

Kushal Tandon said: “Friends, what luck. I go to a place and see that I have found an old friend of mine on the flight, who recently got married. She sits with me. It was by chance that we both met, I was not storing it. “

Kushal goes on to say that maybe I really should congratulate you. I am very happy for you. Married to Gauhar Khan. Kushal Tandon called Gauhar Khan’s meeting a happy coincidence.



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