All 12 Skull Locations (December 2020)

Halo Infinite is the eighth main entry in the Halo series. It was released in 2021 and has received positive reviews. There are 12 skull locations in Halo Infinite that players must find in campaign mode. Some of these skulls are very difficult to find. Also, some skull locations are only available during missions in Halo Infinite and cannot be played. Players will need to start a new game to obtain all Skulls if they lose one during a mission. With that in mind, here are the 12 Halo Infinite Skull locations.

All Halo Infinite Skull locations

Boom skull

Players can find the first skull early in the game. It is available in the first Warship Gbraakon mission. After exiting the ship, take the elevator and find the hall with Jackyls. Players can find the Boom Skull in the next room. First clear the room and then look for the Boom Skull. It is located on the second level to the right as you enter the room. The scanner will detect their location once the player is a little closer. To find this skull in Halo Infinite, look in the hallway with three elevators on the right side. Go up the middle elevator and turn right to find the skull.

Cowbell skull

This skull is also found in the mission and players will need to pay attention if they don’t want to miss it. It can be found after going through a door that leads to a large window. Players need to go left from here and then grab the rafters and grab the skull that is near the ceiling.

Halo Inifnite Cowbell Skull Locations

Catch skull

This skull can be found towards the north side of Halo Infinite’s Zeta Halo while a Banshee or Wasp is flying. Players will find the Catch Skull inside a tree stump by the water next to the ravine.

Capture Halo Inifnite Skull Locations

Fog skull

This skull can be found in an alcove excavated from the hexagonal podium. It can be found west of FOB ALPHA.

Halo Inifnite Mist Skull Locations

Skull location IWHBYD

This skull is easier to access if players have already unlocked Wasps in Halo Infinite. In this case, they can fly to the top of the Tower on the surface of Zeta Halo. Otherwise, players will have to fight their way to the top, making for a much more difficult challenge.

IWHBYD Halo Inifnite Skull Locations

Blind skull

This one is easy to miss, as players must fly through a narrow space between two cliffs to get the blind skull. It is located south of the Tower and is on a platform on the left side as you go down.

Halo Inifnite Blind Skull Locations

Storm skull

This skull can be found on a tall column near the island with the banished AA guns.

Halo Inifnite storm skull locations

Black eyed skull

Players will need to find the waterfall located southwest of Riven Gate. There is a cave behind the waterfall with the skull inside.

Black Eye Skull Halo Inifnite locations

Famine skull

Halo Infinite players can find this skull near the body of a general on the other side of Zeta Halo.

Halo Inifnite Hunger Skull locations

Mythical skull

Players will need to keep their senses sharp for this one. Found in Command Spire in the tenth mission of the game. To get to the Skull, grab onto a floating column then turn around and fight your way forward. The Skull is found through a door at the top.

Halo Inifnite mythical skull locations

Growl Birthday Party Skull

In the terminal that activates the light bridges, there are two doors not connected by bridges. One of these doors has a seed of power that the player will have to get to the other room not connected by the bridges. Plant the seed of power and then The Weapon and Auditorium will be mentioned. If you planted the Power Seed, you will be directed to a room where the Skull will be placed on a platform high up. Fight and grab the Skull.

Grunt Halo Inifnite Birthday Skull Locations

Skull Bandana

Do not kill any sentries during this mission. Players will get this skull at the end of the mission, just before entering the final elevator. However, this will only happen if players don’t kill any sentries during the mission. The Skull is located behind a door on the right side of the room. Once inside the room, walk around the pillar in the middle and pick up the skull.

Bandana Skull Halo Inifnite locations

Those are the 12 skull locations around Halo Infinite. If you want to know how rankings and classes work in Halo Infinite, read Halo Infinite Ranks Explained: All Classes And Rankings Explained. If you want to discover all the collectibles you can find with Halo Infinite, the Halo Infinite Collectibles Guide is the perfect read for you.

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