New Delhi In Bigg Boss 14 these days, where you see a lot of drama. Romance is not lacking either. Whether it’s Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla, or a special friendship between Ali Goni and Jasmin Bhasin. Jasmine and Ali, although they say they are good friends with each other, but inside the Bigg Boss show they are both often seen showing love. In the last episode, Rakhi Sawant asked both of them a question, after which the audience was surprised to hear Ali and Jasmine’s response.

Ritesh, husband of Rakhi Sawant, who rages on Manu Punjabi, supporting his wife, said: “Don’t talk about business, I make a billion”

Rakhi Sawant asks Yun if he will marry Jasmine. Ali says yes of course, but only if the parents agree. He says that if he refuses, he will never go against it and marry Jasmine. At the same time, Jasmine seems to give a similar answer. She says if her parents agree to this marriage, then they have no problem. But if they don’t agree, she won’t be able to marry Ali. They also say that it is very important to believe the parents of both. Ali even goes on to say that if Jasmine’s parents refuse to marry, they will marry someone else.

In doing so, they will create hatred in Jasmine’s heart. It is clear from the discussion of Bahral’s marriage that even though Jasmine and Ali do not accept their relationship in front of the world, but love each other very much in their hearts. Their two fans love their adorable affair. Now when the two openly talk about their relationship after the friendship, only time will tell.



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