The ventilator made by Sanjay Patwardhan is only IDR 50,000.

The ventilator made by Sanjay Patwardhan is only IDR 50,000.

Indore. The specialty of this ventilator is that it costs only 50 thousand rupiah and weighs two kilos. When needed, it draws oxygen from the atmosphere.

Indore. An industrialist from Indore has built a ventilator. His scientific friends helped him in this. Industrialists claim that these ventilators are made with European standards in mind and are much cheaper than any ventilator available in the market. It can also be used easily in village fields. Indore factory owner, Sanjay Patwardhan, saw the world wrestle with the corona with the help of a ventilator. The lack of a ventilator and inflation inspired him for this new invention. Cheaper from the market Along with all the medicines at the time of a corona infection, there is also a lack of many life-saving tools. People cannot afford their expenses because some of them are very expensive. This situation made Sanjay Patwardhan think.Union Ministry of Health approved He asked help from a scientific friend. And after 10 months of hard work, he prepares and prepares the ventilator. Along with this, standard processes and documents remain also completed. Approval has also been received from the United Ministry of Health. According to European standards, life-saving equipment must always be transparent, so that patients and their families can see starting machines. Special care has been given to this machine. This is typical
This is a non-invasive ventilator. It goes up the nose into the pipe. The price is around fifty thousand rupees. Usually a ventilator costs more than a lakh. The specialty of this ventilator is that it does not require a lot of oxygen flow. It can also operate at low flow and if there is no oxygen, it can take oxygen from the atmosphere and give it to the patient for several hours. Its weight is only up to two kilograms, This is a friend This technique was invented by the couple Dr. Bhandari. Also, with the help of Kate’s retired scientist, Anil Thipsay, industrialist Patwardhan has created it. Initially only five were made, which were also sold on the first day. After this, about 50 ventilators will be created simultaneously.

Foreign villages and unions According to Sanjay Patwardhan, himself is a rural area. Therefore, this machine was made with rural areas in mind. Because it’s cheaper. Also, often serious patients from rural areas need ventilator support during hospital transfers. It will be of great help in that. Foreign standards have been taken care of with this. All necessary licenses prior to use and approval from the Union Ministry of Health have been approved.



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