Onesumore: Anthony Mackie’s ‘Synchronic’ Making SVOD Debut on Netflix in April 2021

Synchronic – Image: Well Go USA Entertainment

Netflix reclaims the SVOD rights to the popular sci-fi horror Synchronous starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan which will be released on Netflix (only in the US at the moment) in April 2021.

Directed by Justin Benson (who also writes the film) alongside Aaron Moorhead, you’ll follow two paramedics who are on the front lines in the fight against a brand new designer drug.

Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan make headlines with other cast members including Ally Ioannides, Katie Aselton, Adam J. Yeend and Bill Oberst Jr.

Synchronous is just one of many films that appear to have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s first created in September 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival where it was quickly picked up by Well GO USA Entertainment. It got an October 2020 release date in theaters alongside a PVOD release in January 2021, but this will be the first time you’ll be able to watch it on a streaming subscription service (SVOD for short).

It’s currently set to hit Netflix, but only in the US (other regions tend to follow later) on April 16, 2021.

The film has garnered 80% on RottenTomatoes so far, up from 148 reviews, earning it the coveted Certified Freshness rating. SciFiNow said it’s a “thoughtful twist of the genre” while Empire nicknames him an “intelligent independent science fiction with a lot to say and some good ideas”.

That said, the IMDb rating sits at 6.2 while the Metascore sits at 63.

If you can’t wait Synchronous hits netflix and all caught up Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Mackie is also featured in a number of other Netflix Originals. He was in Black mirror in Season 5 Episode 1 Striking Vipers. Not to mention the three Netflix Original movies, including At close range, IO Last on Earth, and more recently, Outside the wire. Mackie also headlined the second season of Modified carbon.

Synchronous isn’t the only SVOD premiere in April, either. Replacing starring Drew Barrymore will debut in April and recent examples of SVOD debuts include Jiu Jitsu and The last blockbuster.


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