Actress Anushka Sharma, who will be a mother next month, posed for a magazine cover page with Baby Bump. Along with this, Anushka Sharma told the magazine about the experience of her pregnancy. Anushka told the magazine how she got the support of friends and how she wanted to see her child. Anushka Sharma herself shared the magazine’s cover page on her Instagram account. Sharing the cover page, Anushka Sharma wrote: ‘I captured her for myself and for my whole life. It was fun.

In the photo featured on the cover page, Anushka Sharma is wearing a bralette and wearing pants. Apart from that, he also wears a cream colored coat. Speaking to Vogue, Anushka Sharma said that due to the lockdown, she was lucky enough to spend a long time at home. He said that during this time no one found out that I was pregnant. Anushka Sharma said: “ In a way, this corona outbreak was a weird kind of advantage. I had Virat with me and wanted to keep it a secret. We only went out to go to the medical clinic. At that time, no one was in the street. So no one could see us.

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Speaking of the early days of pregnancy, Anushka Sharma said that during this time she was busy promoting Bulbul and suddenly had a problem during Zoomcall. She felt bad and weak. Anushka Sharma said: ‘After that I immediately turned off my video and message my brother Karnesh Sharma. He was also on call at the time. If I was on set or in the studio, everyone would have known. Anushka Sharma said she is busy these days preparing a neutral nursery for her child.

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Anushka Sharma said that I don’t believe boys wear blue and girls wear pink colored clothes. He said I would have all the colors in my upbringing. Anushka Sharma said that Virat Kohli and I are very fond of animals. I would like our child to have these qualities and to have a feeling of complicity. They are an integral part of our life and, in fact, we believe that children can learn a lot from them.



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