Actress Anushka Sharma has said about her unborn children that we have decided to steer her away from social media. The actress, who will be giving birth this month, said we’ve given it a lot of thought. We certainly don’t want the child to always be in the eyes of the people. We want to keep him away from social media. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Anushka said: “ I think it should be the child’s decision whether they want to join social media or not. No child should be made special compared to others. It is also difficult for adults to deal with this problem. It will be difficult, but we will do the same.

Anushka Sharma said she would teach the child to show respect to everyone. He said that I should learn the same from my parents and that I would like to teach my child the same. Anushka Sharma, who will give birth in January, said Virat Kohli and I have decided not to allow the child to deteriorate. The actress said that Virat Kohli and I have many similarities. So I think we will take advantage of it.

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The actress said: ‘Your upbringing determines how you see the world. I come from a progressive background. In our family, love has been above all respect for people. You must maintain these values. We would not like to let the child’s habits deteriorate.

The way the media attention is drawn to Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy, it is certain that the same will happen to her child. Recently, Saif Ali Khan’s mother Sharmila Tagore said she was worried about the media attention her grandson Taimur received. Along with this, he said that after Virat Kohli and Anushka’s child are born, maybe the media will leave Taimur alone.

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Anushka Sharma said about the education of the child that we will not fall into the duty of mother and father. We will move forward as a family. It is important for us that the child progresses in a balanced environment. Please say that Anushka Sharma also said to return to work by May or June. She says she will try to create a balance between family and work.



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