Vitamin D deficiency: The supply of essential nutrients is very important to maintain a healthy body. Vitamin D is also one of the most important nutrients for the body. Sunlight is considered to be the greatest source of vitamin D and that is why it is also called the sunshine vitamin. web friends According to this, when our skin comes into contact with sunlight, vitamin D responds in the body. However, there are some foods that contain small amounts of vitamin D. For example, fish liver oil, egg yolks and some dairy products and grains.

why is it necessary?

Vitamin D strengthens the bones of our body and helps the absorption of calcium. Not only that, if it is not absorbed properly, then many bone diseases can occur. In such situations, symptoms such as body aches, lethargy, fatigue are seen.

what are the symptoms?1. immediately fell ill

If you get sick again and again and you have complaints of coughs and colds all year round, then there may be a lack of vitamin D in your body. Research has found that vitamin D deficiency affects a person’s immune function and because of the deficiency, people start getting sicker and more.

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2. Stay distracted

Research has found that women who are deficient in vitamin D experience complaints of fatigue all the time. In such situations, she feels better using vitamin D supplements. In such situations, you can use supplements to treat vitamin deficiency.

3. Body aches

Vitamin D has an important function to maintain healthy bones in the body. In such a situation, when it starts to decrease in the body, then symptoms such as back pain, joint pain start to appear.

4. Complaints of depression

Complications of depression are also one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. It was found that compared to those who worked outdoors all day, there were more complaints of depression in those who worked indoors. In such situations, stay out in the sun for some time throughout the day and take vitamin D.

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5. Hair Loss

Due to lack of vitamin D, hair also begins to fall out quickly. In such situations, pay attention to the food and stay away from stress. Vitamin D deficiency increases stress and depression and has an effect on hair growth and health.



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