Azur Lane’s Definitive Tier List (December 2021)

Azur Lane is a side scrolling shooter video game that was introduced in 2017. It has a wide variety of ships with different rarities. The game can be greatly affected depending on the type of ship players choose. That is why creating the right ship team is very important in this game. We’ve included the ultimate Azur Lane tier list to help you build the best possible team for your game.

Azur Lane Tier List (December 2021)

S level

S-Tier ships are the cream of the crop from Arzure Lane. These are the best that a player can get in the game.

Azur Lane Tier List

Boat Writes
Ayanami Destroyer
Azuma Large cruise ship
Baltimore Heavy cruiser
Bremerton Heavy cruiser
Centaur Light aircraft carrier
Chapayev Light cruiser
Duck Heavy cruiser
Business Aircraft carrier
Formidable Aircraft carrier
Frederick the Great Battleship
Gascony Battleship
Georgia Battleship
Helena Light cruiser
Howe Battleship
I-13 Underwater carrier
Monarch Battleship
Nagato Battleship
Odin Battleship
Richelieu Battleship
Roon Heavy cruiser
Ryuuhou Aircraft carrier
San Diego Modernization Light cruiser
Seattle Light cruiser
U-101 Submarine
Retrofit Warspite Battleship

Level a

Boat Writes
Akashi Repair boat
Alabama Battleship
Eggs Battleship
An Shan Destroyer
Bismarck Battleship
Bunker hill Aircraft carrier
Cheshire Heavy cruiser
duke of york Battleship
Eldridge Destroyer
Essex Aircraft carrier
Count Zeppelin Aircraft carrier
I-168 Submarine
Illustrious Aircraft carrier
Bold Aircraft carrier
Jean bart Battleship
Jintsuu Modernization Light cruiser
King George V Battleship
Kitakaze Destroyer
Laffey modernization Destroyer
Minneapolis Heavy cruiser
Montpelier Light cruiser
Neptune Light cruiser
Ning Hai Retrofit Light cruiser
Noshiro Light cruiser
Perseus Aircraft carrier
Light cruiser
Portland Modernization Heavy cruiser
saint Louis Heavy cruiser
Saratoga Modernization Aircraft carrier
Swiftsure Light cruiser
Tashkent Destroyer
Cough Battleship
U-47 Submarine
Unicorn Light aircraft carrier
Vestal Repair boat
Yat-Sen Modernization Light cruiser
Yukikaze Destroyer
Z23 upgrade Destroyer
Zara Heavy cruiser

Level b

Azur Lane Tier 3 List

Boat Writes
White tuna Submarine
Royal ark Aircraft carrier
dawn Light cruiser
Birmingham Light cruiser
White House Aircraft carrier
Horse Submarine
champagne Battleship
Cleveland Light cruiser
Columbia Light cruiser
Mischief Light cruiser
Hanazuki Destroyer
Hermione Light cruiser
Hood Battleship
Hyuuga Modernization Aviation battleship
Ibuki Heavy cruiser
Javelin Destroyer
Joan of Arc Light cruiser
Kaga Aircraft carrier
Kawakaze Destroyer
Little bel Light cruiser
Littorio Battleship
London Heavy cruiser
Mogami Modernization Heavy cruiser
Newcastle Modernization Light cruiser
Nicholas retrofit Destroyer
North Carolina Battleship
Queen Elizabeth Battleship
Shouhou Light aircraft carrier
Tirpitz Battleship
U-81 Submarine
Brave Battleship
Z1 upgrade Destroyer

Level C

Boat Writes
Algeria Heavy cruiser
Arizona Battleship
Belfast Light cruiser
Modernization of Curacoa Light cruiser
Curlew Modernization Light cruiser
Eskimo Destroyer
Gangut Battleship
Hiryuu Modernization Aircraft carrier
Izumo Battleship
Kagerou Modernization Destroyer
Kizuna Al Destroyer
Little renown Battleship
Prinz eugen Heavy cruiser
Sheffield Light cruiser
Shoukaku Aircraft carrier
Sirius Light cruiser
Souryuu Modernization Aircraft carrier
Suruga Battleship
Victorious Aircraft carrier
Wichita Heavy cruiser
Zuikaku Aircraft carrier

Level d

Boat Writes
Akagi Aircraft carrier
Bataan Aircraft carrier
Biloxy Light cruiser
Carabiniere Destroyer
Eagle Aircraft carrier
Fumiruiru Aircraft carrier
China Light cruiser
my house Battleship
Reindeer Light cruiser
Sendai Modernization Light cruiser
Shangri-la Aircraft carrier
Taihou Aircraft carrier
U-73 Submarine

Level f

Boat Writes
Anniversary Kizuna Al Aircraft carrier
Hunter Light aircraft carrier
Hibiki Destroyer
Icarus Destroyer
Isuzu Light cruiser
Naganami Destroyer
Tanikaze Destroyer
Tartu Destroyer
U-556 Submarine
Zeppy Aircraft carrier

There we have it. Azur Lane’s ultimate tier list ranks the best and worst ships in the game. If you want to explore more gacha games, check out Top 7 Gacha Games to Play on IOS and Android. You can also search for more level lists to improve your game.

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