Often times we think we are safer at home than outside, but you will be surprised to know that the household appliances that make our way of life easier also easily transmit diseases to us. If you don’t believe, see for yourself.

Often times we think we are safer at home than outside, but you will be surprised to know that the household appliances that make our way of life easier also easily transmit diseases to us. If you don’t believe, see for yourself.

AC: Run but be careful
AC, once a symbol of luxury, is now becoming a necessity for people. But very few people know that AC comes home with certain illnesses. According to the research of the international general of epidemiology, if there is no proper arrangement of the hot air coming out of the air conditioner, it becomes the cause of the proliferation of many bacteria. Positive AC ions are released into the room as their numbers increase in the ambient air, and then they show symptoms such as fatigue and irritability. Air conditioning makes a difference in temperature and humidity inside and outside the room. Problems such as sore throat, breathing problems are also found in those who use AC. Along with this, the skin of the person living in AC is also affected. Noise and air pollution caused by the use of alternating current are also harmful.

Laptop: beware of radiation
If there is a laptop, it is a very useful thing. But have you ever thought that this tool to make your life easier, also gives you many diseases for free. The heat given off by the laptop can reduce sperm count. According to a study conducted at the State University of New York, complaints of neck, back, shoulder and wrist pain are common among laptop computer users. The Internet is mainly used in the Wi-Fi technology of laptops. Some studies claim that the radiation emanating from Wi-Fi has a quick effect on children. Radiation affects the minds of children. Although there is no confirmed claim on this as yet, some Western countries have published an advisory on this. These are problems related to the body, but there is a risk of not knowing the battery properly or if the battery is directly damaged. In fact, there is a risk of explosion in the laptop.

Motive: spread of disease
In many studies, cell phones have been described as dirty with toilets like refrigerators. Mobile brings the risk of illnesses because of the cleanliness. But the biggest mobile-related concern is raised with the radiofrequency waves that emanate from it. According to a study by the UK Cancer Research Organization, radio frequency has a thermal effect. It increases body temperature. This is the reason why the ear heats up after a long conversation. There is a direct risk of contracting many diseases related to the ear, as the increase in temperature also increases brain activity. Research is being carried out around the world now that it has an effect on the brain. If the mobile’s radio frequency is lower, then common problems such as headaches are observed. It is even claimed that there is a risk of brain tumor from a mobile. But deadly diseases like cancer occur over a long period of time, so far there is no strong scientific evidence. However, the World Health Organization has also expressed such fears.

Food poisoning from the refrigerator
The Hygiene Council of Britain recently conducted a refrigerator cleanliness survey. The results of the investigation were shocking. As a result, refrigerators in most households did not meet hygiene standards. In the refrigerator, 15% of households were full of disease causing bacteria. According to the council’s investigation, the condition of most refrigerators was worse than that of the toilets. The investigation revealed the highest number of E. coli bacteria in the refrigerator. Although these bacteria are the cause of many illnesses, there is also a big reason for food poisoning.

Microwave oven: can be fatal
Another tool most used in the kitchen is the microwave oven. According to research conducted by Hertel, a scientist in Switzerland (1992, the radiation from the oven is prone to diseases like cancer. In fact, the food in the oven is heated by radiation. I was not able to confirm. But that does not mean that the oven is completely safe for you. Opponents of the oven claim that its use destroys the nutritional value of the food. This is also true to some extent. The nutritional value of the food is destroyed if they are not heated to the correct temperature or heated repeatedly. On the other hand, if you think your hands and fingers are protected from burns by the oven, you are wrong. If the radiation is leaking from the oven, your risk of burns is 100%.

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