The Bhojpuri actress is going very viral on social media these days. Sometimes some of his songs and some raps keep going viral. Meanwhile, her new song “Mere Babu Ek Promise Karo Na” comes out this morning. Akshara had given this information a day earlier from his Instagram channel. Part of the song was heard on this Instagram post.

This Akshara New Years song can be really great. Speaking about the song’s release via an Instagram post, Akshara wrote that “Mere Babu Ek Promise Karo Na” will be released from Akshara Singh’s YouTube channel at 6:15 am. You have to see it and also give love. As you gave to each new song of the year. Much love to you all. “Akshara’s song hit her YouTube channel. People love it too.

Akshara’s songs rocked in the past

Even before that, many songs by Akshara Singh were released. These songs have also taken a big step forward. The views of many old Akshara songs are also over 150 million. Like one of his songs, “Idhar Aane Ka Nahin”, released six months ago, has 185 million views. Another song “Call Kare Kya” has been viewed 148 million times. Akshara has around 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Akshara also has 2.3 million followers on Instagram.



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