New Delhi This time in Bigg Boss 14, the constants present in the house did not show so much drama. More than that, now the challengers are going home. There is a verbal war between the brain Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan. But recently both battles have grown so much that development has suffered. The show’s new promo video shows Arshi making Vikas very angry with the arrow of his words. After which Vikas pushes them straight into the pool. It is said that after this development, the creators of the show made a big decision.

According to reports, Vikas Gupta was shown the way out after pushing Arshi into the pool. Recently, Vikas posted a photo on Instagram. In which Vikas sees himself in a mirror after taking a bath. As soon as the photo came out, many users started to comment differently. One user wrote – fired, not after pushing Arshi. To which the answer says yes. At the same time, there are reports on social media that the leaf has been cut from the development show.

The next episode of Bigg Boss 14 is going to be very successful. Arshi will be seen taunting Vikas for his parents. Arshi says – The person who insults his mother must feel angry in the world. Vikas tells Arshi that he’s now crossed the line. After a debate between the two, Vikas abruptly pushes Arshi into the pool. Ali Goni and the rest of the household continue to watch. Now what happens after that will be seen in today’s episode.



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