New Delhi. The 14th season of the Bigg Boss reality show, which is appearing on the small screen, is now getting pretty exciting. This season, for the first time this season, competitors from the old season have entered the house, including the name of Rahul Mahajan. The show added more sparkle with the arrival of Rahul Mahajan. Because his funny style is very popular with everyone.

Arshi Khan made this request

Drop is best known for the grief of Rahul Mahajan. This time, in Bigg Boss’s house, Rahul is seen approaching Arshi Khan, the house’s other competitor. While talking to each other, Rahul talked to Arshi about the laundry. On which Arshi also agreed to wash their clothes, but also put a condition behind it. Her state was that in exchange, Rahul would have to give her an expensive diamond ring. About this, Rahul said that he could give them a ring of up to 50,000 rupees, but could not give such a ring which is worth crores. Listening to Rahul, Arshi says that he only needs a ring worth Rs 3 lakh.

Rahul Mahajan calls Arshi Khan “ Surpanakha ”

In this show, Arshi Khan is the only member of this guy who flirts with everyone. Whether it was Abhinav Shukla or Rahul Mahajan, she flirted with all these boys. Arshi Khan makes her his friend whenever she gets the chance, after which she starts showing off her color. This arrogance of Arshi Khan is no longer tolerable for the family. At one point, Rahul Mahajan was so angry with Arshi Khan that he told Surpanakha about this Hasina.

These candidates have been nominated

Now the nomination phase has started in this house. The names of Abhinav Shukla, Ejaz Khan, Arshi Khan and Rahul Mahajan are among the names this time homeless. Among them, Manu Punjabi will be safe for a week as he is the current captain of the house.



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