New Delhi TV actress Kavita Kaushik is now behind the hands of actor Abhinav Shukla (Abhinav Shukla) and his wife Rubina Dilaik. Recently, Kavita had accused Abhinav of making vulgar messages. Kavita’s husband also agreed. At the same time, Kavita is going to talk about this thing again on national television. The day before, Vikas Gupta informed Abhinav that Kavita and her husband had made big allegations about him outside. After Abhinav is surprised, his wife tells Rubina so, then she says that now I am going to take revenge.

A new Bigg Boss 14 promo video has been revealed in which Kavita Kaushik’s entry is displayed. Kavita is seen making serious allegations against Abhinav on national television with her husband Ronit Biswas. Salman Khan is going to have such a drama in Weekend Ka Vaar. Kavita says that Abhinav sent him vulgar messages while in a state of drunkenness. After which, she shared this thing with her husband. Ronit also threatened to take action against Abhinav. Abhinav and Rubina are shocked to hear these things from the poem.

At the same time, Salman Khan rains on both poetry and innovation after listening to such things on national television. Salman says you should be ashamed and speak openly about such things. Messing around is how dirty it is. After seeing it all, Rubina Dilak couldn’t stop and started to cry bitterly. Obviously, the Weekend’s War episode is going to be very spicy for viewers.



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