In the house of Bigg Boss 14, this weekend’s war was hotly debated over an issue outside the house. Abhinav Shukla has been accused on both sides of the allegations made by Kavita Kaushik’s husband. While Kavita and her husband Ronit Biswas spoke of Abhinav falling ill, Abhinav also went to great lengths to refute these claims.

Abhinav’s wife Rubina Dilac also supported her husband, but at the same time he also personally attacked Kavita’s personality in the Bigg Boss house.

This episode was pretty hot in Saturday’s episode. Rubina and Kavita also fought fiercely. At first, Kavita reveals that she angrily wrote that Ronit tweeted. It was Abhinav’s violent character about 7-8 years ago that doesn’t show Abhinav in the Bigg Boss house and that’s his real personality.

In another tweet, Ronit wrote it because inside the house, during an argument, Rubina was physically bullied, in which Abhinav also survived and supported Rubina. About it, Ronit was furious and tweeted another, favoring his wife Kavita.

Although Kavita was not aware of these tweets, as soon as she heard about them, she deleted Ronit from them within hours. This is Kavita’s story, now come on Rubina, Rubina didn’t say anything about the first tweet case but on the second Bigg Boss house related tweet she said it was said openly. Rubina said Kavita previously tried to physically integrate her.

Kavita had said: “Out of the house, I tell you”. Rubina also stated that the way Kavita behaved inside the house was not correct and that Kavita’s reaction at the time was the action taken in front of her. There has been a lot of debate between Kavita and Rubina about this.


Meanwhile, Ronit also started showing the side of the poem. At the same time, Abhinav also continued to talk to Rubina in a relaxed manner. When things got too tough, Salman came to the middle and berated the two couples.

Salman told Ronit that he shouldn’t have spent his previous life on social media with Kavita and Abhinav. She also tells Kavita that she is not doing well covering Ronit’s words.

On the other hand, Salman also explained to Abhinav that Ronit tweeted but asked him to take the case to court. Neither should Abhinav drag too long the talk about dirty messages, nor be sued.

Finally, Salman tells Ronit and Abhinav that Rubina and Kavya must see everything because of them. Throughout this debate, Salman hasn’t endorsed or endorsed anyone, but he made it clear with his anger that reality shows like Bigg Boss have no room for the outside world.


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