New Delhi: Every season of the Bigg Boss reality show, there is a love angle between the contestants. In this season, everyone is saying that the two are in love with Jasmine Bhasin and Aly Goni. However, both have always denied this. The two say they are each other’s best friends, nothing more. But in the meantime, Nikki Tamboli is losing her heart because of Ali Goni.

Nikki said her heart

Nikki and they have had a good friendship since Ali Goni entered the house. But now Nikki, speaking from her heart, said that she loved Ali. She says Ali and Jasmine are just best friends. In such a situation, if Ali ever came before her and asked her if she loved him, she would say yes.

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Ali started to like

In fact, Colors shared a video on social media. In this video, Rakhi and Nikki are chatting in the bedroom. Nikki asks Rakhi, ‘Who told you I said’ Ali, I know Jasmine is your girlfriend and yet I love you? ‘Rakhi said about it that I don’t remember the name but someone said it. After that, Nikki says, but Jasmine doesn’t have a girlfriend. These people are best friends. What misunderstanding are you experiencing? Jasmine did not say that she did not think of Ali for these feelings. Whereupon Rakhi says I don’t even understand. Ali loves you

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Nikki says of Rakhi: “I really like Ali. If he ever asks you if you love me, my answer will be yes. After that, Rakhi told Nikki to sit down with Ali and talk about it. What Nikki said they were ashamed of. After this reveal by Nikki, it will be interesting to see if she speaks to Ali about her heart in the coming days. Besides, Jasmine’s reaction to this is also worth watching.



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