New Delhi A new drama can begin anytime in Bigg Boss 14. It cannot be said when the contestants become friends inside the house and become enemies. Recently, Rakhi Sawant is fighting with Ali Goni and Jasmin Bhasin. After which Rakhi said something that Jasmine lost her temper. He patted Rakhi on the head bringing such a thing that she started to cry loudly. Rakhi said his nose was broken. Seeing this, the locals were also surprised. Rakhi quickly seemed to bang his head on the table and someone seemed to wipe his nose.

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In fact, a new promo for the show has appeared in which Rakhi says in the kitchen that the person spying on me becomes an accident. Ali Goni ignites when he hears this. Moreover, Abhinav Shukla also says that you said it wrong. Rakhi says she will do whatever she wants. After that, Ali also goes out calling Rakhi a crazy woman. But Jasmine Bhasin just played with them. Jasmine screams in front of Rakhi and she teases him. Then suddenly, Jasmine comes in from behind and puts a mask on her head. Due to which Rakhi is injured.

Rakhi starts to cry loudly and says his nose is broken. Rakhi says my nose is gone, I feel a lot. Seeing such condition of Rakhi, the heads of the family also visit them.

In the video, someone is seen wiping Rakhi’s nose. Rakhi appears to have suffered a deep wound to his nose. Today, we will see in the next episodes if Rakhi is injured or if she makes a drama. Jasmine also tells them that I told you not to disturb me. Drama queen



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