New Delhi In Bigg Boss 14, the challengers are seen making a lot of explosions inside the house these days. One of them, Rakhi Sawant, also tries to keep the audience a lot entertained by staying indoors. Rakhi is also making headlines these days because she said she went bankrupt. Rakhi has also made many disclosures about his marriage. On national television, Rakhi said that she herself wanted her husband to come before the world. She has not met her husband for a year.

Shilpa Shinde posted video on Rahul Vaidya talking about the news of the fugitives, angrily said

Rakhi said about her marriage for the first time on Bigg Boss that she got married in real life. But no one believes him because her husband has not appeared before the world until this day. Rakhi said that she wanted the moment of the birth of her child, her husband to come before the world and show his identity. Even now people think it was a publicity stunt when they got married in law.

Rakhi added that I was very angry and cried in front of my husband to reveal his identity to the world. People still think my wedding is a play. My husband says it is not easy for him to come in front of the world. But I said they should at least respect my point. Please say that Rakhi named her husband Ritesh, who is an NRI businessman.

It can be noted that Rakhi said earlier that she was going through a depression. She has suffered a big setback but can never think of ending her life. They were deceived. However, God gave life and it is very precious. I have full confidence in myself. I am going to redo everything correctly thanks to my work.



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