Sonali Phogat, who entered the Bigg Boss house, began to cry as she poorly remembered her husband during the real estate show. She started to cry while talking to Rahul Vaidya, another Bigg Boss competitor. In a special video released Wednesday, Sonali is seen telling Rahul Vaidya how her husband inspired her to take action and then get into politics. Sonali Phogat said that I come from a traditional family, where it was not easy for women to go out to work. She says I cried for years. For this reason, my eyesight also made a difference. I didn’t want to do this job. But then my mother-in-law encouraged me. He said you were in politics. My husband also wanted me to join politics.

Remembering her husband, Sonali Phogat said: “I did not sleep the night long after he passed away. I always go to the farm, I don’t want to get up from the bedroom or from the bed. Sonali Phogat said she is now busy making her husband’s dreams come true. Sonali said: ‘I’m making all of his dreams come true now. Farm and all trees. Everything he wanted. Seeing Sonali Phogat crying, Rahul Mahajan, Jasmine Bhasin and Ali Goni join him and explain to him that he must not cry. When Sonali Phogat can’t stop crying, Ali Goni says that you are not alone, all the people of Bigg Boss are with you.

Before entering Bigg Boss, Sonali Phogat said in a conversation with the Hindustan Times: “I have been associated with politics and my husband has supported me in this area. But after she disappeared, I learned the truth about people and found out how they looked at women. If a woman is beautiful and lonely, people don’t want to let her live. He is mentally harassed and misinformed. People do their best to stay home and take advantage of you. After my husband passed away, I faced many crises and became stronger because of them.

This response was given to the beating of an official: Sonali Phogat had said the case was in court, so I won’t comment. But if someone insults a woman, I’m always ready to fight. Sonali Phogat said that I am in the social life. If I couldn’t protect my own honor, how can I protect the dignity of other women?



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