New Delhi In Bigg Boss 14 these days there’s one explosion after another. The battle between Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta is not threatening. As much as Vikas tries to stay away from Arshi, he seems to bother them as much. Vikas, troubled by the fight this time, has revealed the biggest secret of his life. Vikas made a big revelation about his relationship by crying. In the past, Vikas has made numerous claims in his videos taking the names of Priyank Sharma and Partha Samathan. This time Vikas made a big reveal in front of Rubina Dilac and Nikki Tamboli.

These 7 Bollywood stars became parents by adopting orphaned children, some gave recognition by picking up in a trash heap and others adopted 34 children!

A new Bigg Boss promo has come out in which Vikas is seen saying I’ve been fighting him for 4 and a half years. Until now I had not taken your name, but now I will take the name correctly. He and I were a couple for a year and a half before appearing on the show. Anyone who comes into my life will do so psychologically and emotionally to make these humans start to hate me.

Vikas is seen crying loudly during this. All the families get there and pacify them. Vikas further says that now when I return, I will not leave you. Hearing this development, the senses of the family were blown away. On December 28, this episode will be televised, in which it can be revealed which person Vikas is talking about. Fans are also supporting him upon hearing this development. Vikas has also been seen crying several times during his Bigg Boss season.



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