Blue Blood Season 12 Episode 3: Will Sean Reagan Become A Police Officer?

Blue blood season 12 episode 3: Will Sean Reagan Become a Police Officer?
Blue blood season 12 episode 3: Will Sean Reagan Become a Police Officer?

Will Sean Reagan Become a Police Officer? Blue blood season 12 episode 3? This is a question we asked ourselves long before tonight.

Still, it feels pretty obvious to say that Andrew Terraciano’s character is circling the idea based on tonight’s events. At first, he pretended to join Eddie and Witten as part of a school project. To do it, he also lied to Jamie about getting his father’s permission. Seeing a suspect on the street, he disobeyed Eddie’s order, got out of the police car and started following him. His texting tip helped arrest the man, but he also suffered a black eye and a concussion.

As you can imagine, Danny Reagan was… Real angry about how this all turned out. Of course he was mad at Sean for what he did, but also at Jamie and Eddie, both for not consulting him first and just taking his son at his word. This feud eventually spilled over into a family dinner that Frank, Erin, and Henry all had to get involved in. This got messy – Real messy – but we know that Blue blood is a show about compromise. Sooner or later they would get here at a happier point.

The way the compromise came about tonight was quite fascinating. Jamie told Danny that he needs to change the way he treats people who don’t always live up to his expectations, including his own son. He knew what it was like to be intimidated by Danny; after all, he has felt this way for much of his life! Danny paid Sean a visit at the end of the episode and took him out to dinner; a way to smooth things over.

Whether or not Sean actually becomes an agent, we have to wait a little longer.

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