Habits That Affect Bone Health: For a healthy body, it is very important that the bones of the body are also strong. If the bones were weak, then it could obviously cause a lot of trouble. There may be difficulty getting up and walking. Arthritis problems can usually be caused by increasing age or genetic factors, but it is also possible that your bad lifestyle can be the cause. In today’s busy life, people don’t have time to eat and drink and take care of their health and due to lack of care, bones become so weak that the risk of unexpected fractures increases. everyone’s health According to this, if we eliminate some habits from our lifestyle, then how beneficial it is in maintaining the health of our body bones. So let’s know about the habits that are very important to break.

1. smoking

The bone density of people who consume tobacco is very low, so they are more likely to develop various types of bone diseases. In fact, smoking increases free radicals that kill the cells that make up bones. Not only that, because of its consumption, these hormones are released which continue to weaken the bones.

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2. Lack of Active Life

People who sit all day and don’t exercise etc, they are more likely to get bone disease. In fact, like muscles, bones also become strong by exercising. For this you should include walking, jogging, exercise, yoga etc in your daily routine.

3. Excessive salt intake

If you consume too much salt in your daily routine then it can be harmful to your bones. Experts say that if excessive sodium intake is increased, there can be a dangerously rapid decline in bone density. In this case, the intake should not exceed 1500 mg in a day.

4. Avoiding the Sun

If you stay indoors all day, then this is bad news for your bones. Sunlight is the greatest source of vitamin D, otherwise bones can become thin and weak. If you can’t get out, take vitamin D with food or supplements.
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5. Lack of Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D supplementation is very important for bone health. In such situations, eat foods rich in vitamin D and calcium in the diet.



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