Onesumore: Chathur Mukham Movie (2021) Actors, Trailer, Story, Release date, Poster

Chathur Mukham is an upcoming Malayalam movie. The film’s release date is April 2, 2021. Currently, the film is in post-production. The film is directed by Ranjeet Kamala Sankar and Salil V. It belongs to the horror thriller genre.

History of the film Chathur Mukham

The plot revolves around some mysterious events. A lady decides to take on challenges and solve problems. Her efforts face backlash as she finds the house haunted. Things take a new turn as she uncovers a shocking truth. Can the mysteries be solved forever?

The cast of Chathur Mukham has Manju Warrier, Sunny Wayne, etc. The film has popular Malayalam cinema stars.

Find out below for Chathur Mukham Movie (2021) cast, release date, team, poster.

Chathur Mukham Cast::


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