To avoid viruses and any disease, the most important thing is to have a strong immune system. In this Corona era, when there is a third wave of talk coming and it is said to be very dangerous for children. In such situations, some things should be included in their diet to strengthen the immunity of the children. Celebrity nutritionist and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared a video about this, in which she talks about children’s immunity-boosting foods with nutritionist Soumya. Also, tell how to increase children’s immunity with the help of desi diet. Let’s know about it.


Things like gooseberries, lemons, gooseberries can be used to strengthen children’s immunity. To incorporate them into children’s diets, feed these things in the form of marmalade, pickles, and chutneys. Children will not only love the sweet-sour taste, their energy and immunity will also be strong.

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Season Seasonal fruits and vegetables

It is better to increase a child’s immunity through tablets than to strengthen it through fruits and vegetables. Things like guava, mango, gooseberry, amla and jackfruit are easy to come by in summer. It should be included in the children’s diet. They not only strengthen immunity, but also promote growth and strengthen bones.

Give breakfast like that at night

The kids started feeling hungry at the end of the night. In such situations, instead of giving children Maggi, pasta, burgers, it is better to give them bread, pudding, gram flour and Rajgira laddoo with ghee and brown sugar. The night is when the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body are low. Therefore, to give them energy and improve their mood, include these things in the diet.

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Include rice in the meal

To increase energy levels along with immunity in children, include rice in children’s diets. If possible, eat rice with curd, in which it is better to add rock salt. Along with this, feed the kids rice along with lentils and ghee. Rice which is rich in amino acids is also a good source of B vitamins which will also help reduce irritability in children.



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