Chronic Constipation: What You’re Trying To Say: In today’s fast-paced life, chronic constipation problems are common. Many people struggle with this problem due to eating wrong, stress and not practicing yoga. You can improve your digestion by making small but positive changes in your lifestyle. Apart from that, medication can also get rid of this problem. Health website Healthline But according to the printed report, tell us, if you are struggling with chronic constipation issues, then what is your stomach trying to tell you… Lifestyle can be responsible: Your deteriorating lifestyle may also lead to chronic constipation. Eating heavy meat, processed foods (high in sugar and fat), low-fiber foods can cause this problem. In addition, constipation can improve considerably by drinking less water, consuming alcohol or caffeine, and not exercising. But if your lifestyle is right and you are still having problems with constipation then you need to consult a doctor and get counseling. Apart from that, you can also run into this serious problem. Also read: Menstrual blood color shows your health condition, know from the chartHypothyroidism: When the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones in the body, it has a devastating effect on metabolism. Hence the digestive process is also affected and that causes constipation. Symptoms of hypothyroidism gradually appear. Apart from constipation, other symptoms of hypothyroidism are – fatigue, more sensitivity to cold, dry skin, weight gain, thinning hair, damaged nails, memory loss, facial bloating and irregular periods if you are a woman. It could also be a problem. Diabetes
During diabetes, the insulin hormone in the body stops, which causes many changes to occur in the body. One of them is nerve damage, namely nerve damage. It affects placenta digestion and can cause constipation. Apart from constipation, diabetics also experience problems such as fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision and always feeling thirsty, frequent urination at night. Irritable bowel syndrome: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can also cause constipation. There is no definite cause for Irritable Bowel Syndrome that can be understood, but it is caused by the failure of the brain and intestines to adjust. Other symptoms are abdominal pain and cramps, flatulence, too much flatulence, sometimes sudden diarrhea, mucus. Anxiety and depression: When you are under a lot of stress, your body works very differently. During this time your sympathetic nervous system becomes active, which means digestion stops. Depression can also be a cause of constipation. Often times in depression, people stay in bed all day because of suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, fatigue, which causes their digestion to be affected and physical activity to cease which is the cause of constipation.



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