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CISF Full Form In accordance with these recommendations, the Ministry of the Interior (India) declared a reserve for women in the paramilitary police, and later stated that they could also be appointed as police officers to counter roles in all five central armed forces. could. Parliamentary Committees of India for Women’s Empowerment have recommended to increase the role of women in CAPFs including CISF.

CISF Full Form

The 2,800-strong CISF was established by an Act of the Indian Parliament on March 10, 1969. Earlier working with 3,129 members, CISF was established under CISF Act. As the central police agency in India and with a large number of Indian police officers, the CISF follows the rank and insignia of other police organizations in India.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior (GOI), Government of India, the CISF functions as the primary police security service. The Central Industrial Security Force is a heavily armed police force that is considered to be the largest in the world.

Today, the CISF has a total of 132 battalions, and the main mission of the CISF is to provide security to industrial plants and help in connecting power plants. CISF secures 300 industrial units, government infrastructure projects, services and businesses across India.

Apart from providing security, CISF also provides consultancy services to some large private entities and other government agencies. CISF provides consultancy services to private enterprises and other organizations in the Government of India. CISF secures 300 industrial plants, government infrastructure projects, facilities and installations across India.

Provides fire protection in various industries including power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, steel mills, ground transportation, heavy industry, space stations, etc.

Provides insurance against fire hazards, similar to CISF, apart from ensuring the well-being and safety of companies/industrial plants. Apart from this, CISF protects the country’s internal security, VVIP security, metro, nuclear establishment etc.

The duties of CISF staff include maintenance of sensitive government buildings, Delhi Metro and airport security services. CISF is one of these paramilitary forces, whose main function is to provide security to state-owned factories and other state-owned enterprises.

At present, the CISF ensures the security of nuclear facilities, space facilities, airports, seaports, power plants, important government buildings and historical monuments.

Central Industrial Security Force

The CISF is administered by the Federal Ministry of Interior in New Delhi. TeaThe full name of CISF is Central Industrial Security Force, which is the Central Industrial Security Force of India. It was established on 15 June 1983 and is headed by the Ministry of Interior, Government of India.

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In the bank, CISF is the Central Industrial Security Force, subordinate to the Ministry of Interior and Government of India. CISF is responsible for the security of all commercial terminals in India.

On 25 February 2009, the Indian Parliament, following the approval of the CISF Amendment Bill of 2008, authorized the provision of Central Industrial Security Force security services to private and cooperative institutions across the country for a fee.

Central Industrial Security Force became the first multi-functional security agency in the country; Agreed on securing the country’s most critical critical infrastructure in various sectors.

In 2006, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), based on the recommendations of the intelligence agency, created a special unit called the Special Security Group (SSG) to ensure the security of persons appointed by the Ministry of Interior. It is the Central Armed Police of India, which functions under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.

The CISF was created in 1969 from a humble beginning with three battalions to provide comprehensive security for Public Sector Enterprises (PSUs), which were at the forefront of the economy in those years. The CISF was later reorganized into the Indian Armed Forces by another Act of Parliament passed on June 15, 1983. The CISF is currently trying to meet its internal security obligations, decisions that are contrary to the objectives of the Naxalites, and any other obligations that the government of India owes. For an individual to claim security protection by an unusual CISF unit, investigative authority and other police secret organizations, they must indicate the risk after a clear investigation of the threat, which is often dodged for political and various reasons.

On this page, we also provide the meaning and official site details of It was based on a parliamentary rally on March 10, 1969 and had about 2,800 employees and as the name suggests, was built to have the best insurance and mechanical asset protection in the country. Instead, it has become one of the country’s premier multidisciplinary security agencies, tasked with ensuring the security of the country’s key critical infrastructure in multiple areas. CISF has 64 international and domestic terminals in the country.

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