Corona continues to wreak havoc, the situation is every day the cases of infected people are increasing. In such a situation, there is no place to admit patients in the hospital and the government is advising patients with mild corona symptoms to remain isolated at home. Patients living in isolation at home are fully responsible for their families. In this situation, the person who treats the patient as a helper (the person who treats the patient as a helper) is also a big challenge. If you are also treating them as a Corona patient officer, then know how to protect yourself in this environment. If there was only one room Because of the narrow space in the house, many people take care of him by living in a room with a corona sufferer. In such a situation, it is very important that you keep a distance of at least 6 feet from them. Open the bedroom windows and doors. Always wear a double mask and lump it on your face. In addition, even if you use galbas, wash your hands from time to time with soap. So you can avoid infection. If there was only one bathroom If you use the same bathroom as the corona patient at home, then try to finish your routine work before the patient goes to the bathroom. If you or other household members use the bathroom after using the patient’s bathroom, then first clean the bathroom properly and then use it. It’s important to do this all the time so you can be safe. Also read: Can a corona infection occur even after being vaccinated?
Keep clean Before touching objects that the patient touches, you must clean them well. Do not throw away anything that is already used and use a closed trash can. Also, clean objects or masks before throwing them away. Keep your hands clean again and again. Be careful not to touch the mask your hands are wearing. Set the plate aside Separate the equipment used for the patient and do not touch it repeatedly. Remove from other utensils if washed, and wash with warm water. Also, use a separate pan stem for this. Keep the house cleaned often Sanitize the room where the patient is, several times a day, as well as cleanliness. This way, if there is more room in the house, then it is better to clean it two or three times a day. Keep clean bedding, clothes, and other items of use as well. Also Read: Know, Answers to questions regarding the second dose of Covid Vaccination

Separate patient belongings

Do not mix towels, soap, utensils, clothing and essential patient items with anyone. Put on a mask and wadding before washing the patient’s clothes. Also, definitely use antibiotic fluids like Dettol and Sevalan on your clothes. If you wash clothes in the washing machine, then the machine should be cleaned eventually. Keep your immunity strong In order to increase the sufferer’s immunity, you must always give them a healthy diet. Also, maintain a healthy diet to keep your immunity strong. Also, keep drinking steam, decoction, turmeric milk and other medicines as necessary as recommended by your doctor. If you eat something, eat away from the patient and put back on the mask as soon as possible.



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