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Crime City Detective MOD features

  1. All unlocked

The best free detective sport of 2019 is back for the new season! Lizzy Darkish wouldn’t have made it without her cop friend. So, grab your gun and clear another high profile case!

5 Problems You Should Know About This Whodunit Hit

What’s going on here?
If you missed it, Crime Metropolis Detective is a police procedural crime drama turned into a free hidden object sport. Each crime case is a separate piece and today all types of crimes, from house burglary to art to bombings and white-collar crime. However, as the story unfolds, you begin to suspect a mastermind is behind it all. It’s certain that you have to face one of the most brilliant crime minds in the world … or maybe a secret society that leaves the mafia far behind.

So, it’s all about finding objects, right?
NOT. Really, this HOG presents a lot of actions and methods to go forward. Scrubbing the place of hidden objects is in principle a crime scene investigation. First, you collect hidden clues, then you have to let the forensic scientist analyze the evidence and interview mute witnesses if you’re lucky enough to find it. Packed with a fair amount of jigsaw puzzles, match-three, and video game phrases, it offers you a great alternative to cash and bonus factors.

In addition, when you relax and regain vitality, you can also become involved in law enforcement throughout the metropolitan city. Help the visitor guards with parking tickets, SWAT boats to detain thugs, or stop road arrests. In the metropolis of sin, a police officer has work to do all the time.

Who cares about the screenshots?
If you’re implying blonde, that’s inspector Elizabeth Darkish, and you’d better keep your manners up. He’s a tricky factor, and your boss in the best way. A few years ago he lost second place and finally agreed to develop into a promising novice coaching officer (you!). The less murderous detective was apparently his secret fire, but (shh!) It was just between us. She is an ardent investigator and can usually take you on dangerous journeys. She also loves to play undercover spy and brag about a wardrobe that some make-up video games can only dream of.

Is it really free to play?
Sure, all quests are unlocked and you get a complete sport model. You can play 100% free of charge online or offline. While the game offers a cash booster, it also offers lots of opportunities to get one without paying anything. Play with friends and change items, win tournaments, collect daily bonuses or watch prize videos. In the best possible way, you may also be welcome to maintain order and order in your city (see level 2 above).

What will happen next in 2020?
What’s nice about video game crime is that new case log data pops up on a loop. Whether it’s a murder thriller or a forgery, it can encourage you to revisit previous places and new hidden object scenes. The hunt for the mastermind of crime continues, and maybe you can be the one to reveal the conspiracy!

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