CryptoMines Introduces Roadmap 2022 – Play to Win

CryptoMines recently revealed its 2022 roadmap that contains new information on specific updates and features that will be rolled out next year. The roadmap announcement does not reveal specific dates or even quarters, but does give information about the direction in which the project is moving.

CryptoMines, the BSC-based space exploration metaverse, aims to expand its current offering with new features, changes to existing features, and behind-the-scenes updates that will affect how players can earn ETERNAL.

CryptoMines’ updated in 2022 the roadmap announcement is available on Medium and contains more detailed information about each of the functions that we will discuss below. Also, be sure to see the official CryptoMines Twitter account for specific dates as they are announced.

What can we expect in 2022?

CryptoMines will work hard throughout 2022. The new milestones discussed in its roadmap are:

New planets

Three new planets will be “discovered” that are located in a different galaxy, creating an entirely new set of rules from planets 1-30 that are currently available. These planets will introduce licenses, which are related to upcoming Earth rewards. Additionally, the success rate will vary, the faction lineup will grant benefits, and the fuel costs will vary.

Monetization changes

Several changes will be made to the way the game is monetized from a business perspective. The game needs to make money in some way that doesn’t depend on endless NFT sales or locked tokens. As such, CryptoMines will introduce a fee of $ 0.40 USD (charged in BNB) for each transaction in the game. Planets 1-5 will add a $ 0.40 reward to help offset this new fee. Planet 21 and beyond will have a stopover fee starting at $ 1.00 USD (also in BNB).

Massive mints and improved liquidity

Both spaceships and workers will soon have a “mass minting” option that will allow players to quickly mint new NFTs. Also, the price of all coins will change from $ 15 in ETERNAL to $ 5 in BNB.

Each mint will add $ 10 to the BNB-ETERNAL pool, helping to create ongoing liquidity for the project.

Space stations (land)

What kind of metaverse would CryptoMines be without a ground system? Since the game takes place in space, players will have the opportunity to own space stations to help benefit from the volume of players in the game. There are a few notable things to know about space stations:

  • Space stations will come in three rarities: Common, rare and legendary. The higher the rarity, the higher the earning potential. Players must be whitelisted to purchase a space station. The only known requirement at this time is that players will need at least one fleet in-game, along with additional requirements to be posted in the future.
  • The license money will be distributed to the owners of the space station: Licenses are required for players to access planets, with a new tier-based licensing system requiring more advanced licenses on later planets. The money raised from the licensing system will be distributed to all space station owners, with the most rarity space stations getting a higher percentage of the jackpot.
  • Rewards for advanced explorations: Any exploration from planet 11 onward will pay space station owners 5% of all successful expeditions.

No further information is available on when the space stations will be sold or additional whitelisting requirements. We know that a new market will be created to facilitate the sale of space stations in auction format.

Raid Box updates

Raids are regularly occurring events that currently take place every weekend and provide players with the opportunity to earn additional rewards. The loot from these raid boxes comes in the form of profits that can also be sold on the in-game market. Some possible rewards are:

  • Name change
  • Faction change
  • Remove a worker or ship from the fleet
  • 1-3 days of fuel
  • One additional worker position in the fleet.


New boxes will be made available containing upgrades similar to the Raid boxes, but can be purchased outright at a fixed cost of BNB per box. It is unknown if these boxes will always be available or will only be available in specific time periods. All funds raised from the sale of ETERNAL boxes will be used to add liquidity.

Other additional features

The team also plans to release some less notable but still important features throughout the year. These features include:

  • An internal P2P exchange to reduce scams
  • The ability to change the price of a quote on the market.
  • Mass mining for those with a large number of fleets, but the feature will take 10% of your rewards to use
  • A DEX within the CryptoMines ecosystem to allow players to more easily move assets in and out of the metaverse, along with creating new opportunities for pools of liquidity over which the project has more control.
  • PvP will be delayed until Q2 2022 to allow the team more time to implement their specific vision, rather than working under current restrictions.

What is CryptoMines?

CryptoMines is a BSC-based space exploration game focused on mining ETERNAL, the game’s token, from an increasingly profitable level of planets. Players use ship and worker NFTs to create fleets that go on scouting missions to mine these planets. More advanced planets can be reached by creating fleets with higher mining power (MP).

Currently, the game is focused on building fleets, increasing mining power, and extracting ETERNAL from planets. Weekly Raids also present an additional way for players to earn ETERNAL and additional rewards. Players can mine once every 24 hours, depending on the last time they mined (previous versions reset everyone’s clock to 0:00 UTC).

The project is playable in its current state with many new updates. You can get more information about the project reading the CryptoMines whitepaper.

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