Onesumore: David Attenborough Docuseries ‘Life in Color’ is Coming to Netflix in April 2021

David Attenborough Life in color – Copyright. Netflix and British Broadcasting Corporation.

Netflix was a resounding success with its original Our Planet docuseries in 2019. Finally, the upcoming breathtaking nature docuseries, Life in color, a co-production between Netflix and the BBC, arrives on Netflix in April 2021.

Instead of focusing on the impact of climate change on the Earth’s fragile ecosystems, Life in color instead will focus on how color is used in interactions with animals and the vital role it plays. Life in color could become one of the most captivating and breathtaking documentary series of all time, as new technology for cameras has been specially developed for documentary series.

When Life in color be on Netflix?

We have known for some time that Life in color would arrive on Netflix in 2021. Now with the release of the trailer for the series, we can confirm that Life in color is coming to Netflix on Thursday 22 April 2021.

Who are the production teams behind Life in color?

Humble Bee Films is the production company that will produce Life in color. Australian company Sealight Pictures has been confirmed to be co-producing the series with Humble Bee Films, with the studio producing episodes primarily focusing on aquatic life.

What about Silverback Films?

Silverback Films is the production company that produced the original Netflix, Our planet. According to the information available to us to date, Silverback Films will not be involved in the production of Life in color.

Our planet – Copyright. Silverback Movies.

Will Life in color be available to broadcast in all regions?

Some subscribers will be disappointed to hear this Life in color will not be available to stream on Netflix in their region.

United Kingdom, Life in color was available to watch on BBC One, and has since been available to stream on their BBC iPlayer streaming service.

Channel 9 in Australia has also been confirmed to be working with Netflix and the BBC on the production of Life in color. At the time of writing, it is not clear whether the series will air on Channel 9 or if it is coming to Netflix Australia.

With regard to all other regions, Life in color should arrive as a Netflix original.

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