Delhi Unlock: Delhi people are confined to their homes since 20 April 2021 due to Coronavirus infection. Lockdown was put in place in Delhi to prevent coronavirus infection. To protect people from infection, people are asked to repeatedly clean their hands with handwash or sanitizer, wear a triple layer mask and practice social distancing. Delhi is unlocked from today after 41 days of lockdown. In Unlock-1, the government provides exceptions only for construction activities and industrial units. The same industrial units will operate in areas approved by the government. Apart from the exceptions, the Delhi government has also issued several guidelines to prevent Covid infections, which are mandatory to comply with. At the same time, markets, malls, metros will remain closed for a while. Assistance from lockout will be reconsidered after seven days. Tell us what rules you must follow when you come out unlocked.

E-pass is required for employees and laborers

The Delhi government has said that the two areas that have been excluded, if the employees work in the same place, then no e-pass is required. If they want to travel from house to factory, then they have to get an e-pass.

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The Delhi government has informed local authorities that wherever there is an unlocking facility on Monday, there should be random checks on the people working there. This test will be carried out with RTPCR and rapid antigen kits, so that the infected can be identified in time and the infection can be prevented from spreading.

Use the Arogya Setu Application

For now, use the Arogya Setu app on your phone. All kinds of information from corona infection to vaccinations are available in this app. You can also do a self-assessment in it. This will show you how many people have corona around you.

Office workers should take these precautions

-Keep a distance from the crowd. Talk to coworkers while maintaining social distancing. Must wear mask and gloves. Clean hands repeatedly with cleanser. After touching railings, doorknobs, lift buttons and money, perform hand hygiene. Avoid using public transportation to reach the office.

– Do not use the elevator with two or more people at the same time. Avoid using the elevator when it is full. Use the stairs more often in the office, but avoid touching the handrails.

-Keep your desk clean at work. To keep it clean, use hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and disinfectant wipes. Before starting work, clean things like the keyboard, computer screen, and mouse.

-If you feel physically ill, then avoid going to the office. It is mandatory to wear a mask if you have a cough and cold Use a tissue and after use, throw it in the trash with a lid.

– Employees go to the office to eat homemade food instead of canteen or food court. If possible, use only household appliances. Keep your utmost clean.

Be careful when buying items in the store

Avoid buying clothes, jewelry, cosmetics or decorative items at this time, given the corona infection and the increasing number of cases. Buy kitchen items that can’t be ignored even if you want to.

To shop for these items, you have to go to grocery stores, grocery stores, and grocery stores. Whenever you go to the store to pick up an item, you should avoid using shopping carts and trolleys. Better you take your shopping bag from home and use it.

-If you have to buy a large item or a large quantity of items, then in this situation you should not use the shopping cart at all. You can choose trolley as the second option. Sanitize the handle before applying it, as it is impossible to clean it properly after using it.

– Actually cleaning the basket handles daily or cleaning each basket after each customer use is also not possible for grocery store management. Apart from cleaning the cart handle, it is also easy for you because you have to take the cleaner with you when you go to the market.

Before going to the store, make sure you bring your ATM card and credit card with you. Avoid cash transactions whenever possible. Choose an online payment option.

Before going to the market, make a list of the necessary items and carry them with you and proceed only after knowing the availability of the goods at the counter in the shop room. It will not spoil your time either and you will also be saved from unnecessary contact with other people.

After purchasing an item, you should clean your hands first as soon as you walk out of the grocery store so that even if you have a virus on your hands during your purchase, things will end soon.

-If possible, after exiting the store, take a few breaths of open air and relax mentally. The heat is very high, so bring water with you. It helps the body to maintain hydration and strong immunity.

After returning home, first put the bags that you brought to be washed. After this, clean your hands thoroughly and then sanitize the items you carry. For this you can use a good detergent or cleaner.

– Soak cloth in ready-to-use liquid and clean all packages brought in from outside. After that, leave the item outside for at least 20 minutes before putting it in an almirah or container because after several wipes, it can take 10 to 15 minutes for the corona infection to be completely eradicated.

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After cleaning all of this, it is best if you take a good shower After this, put on clean clothes and eat a healthy drink or food. With this the body’s energy will return and you will be able to experience it yourself mentally-physically. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Onesumore does not confirm the same. Before applying this please contact the relevant expert.)



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