Chewing on tulsi leaves causes tooth decay - Image / pexels-monicore

Chewing on tulsi leaves causes tooth decay – Image / pexels-monicore

Due to the medicinal properties of basil, some people chew it by consuming basil leaves. Meanwhile, chewing basil leaves (chewing basil leaves) can be very dangerous for you. Learn how.

What is special about the basil plant is that it provides 24 hours of oxygen (Gives 24 hours of oxygen), but its importance in Indian culture, Hindu medicine and Ayurveda is even more so. Therefore, growing basil plants at home is considered beneficial. Basil has many medicinal properties as it can treat many problems such as colds, colds, stomach aches, malaria, irregular menstruation and sexual dysfunction and improves blood purity, digestive power and immunity. Basil is consumed for various things. However, some people chew it by eating basil leaves. They don’t realize that chewing basil leaves can prove to be very harmful to their teeth. If you also don’t know about this then let us know what dangers can be caused by eating chewed basil leaves and how to consume them. So that it is proven to be beneficial for your health and teeth in every way. Also Read: Wheat Grass Juice Will Get Rid Of Swelling, Hazma Will Be Better, Know Other Benefits Chewing basil leaves is dangerous Basil leaves are consumed to cure many diseases. So some people chew it every morning to boost immunity. But don’t chew these leaves with your teeth. Actually mercury and iron are found in many tulsi leaves. Apart from that, a certain amount of arsenic was also found in it. When you chew and eat basil leaves, all of these things come into direct contact with your teeth, which can damage your teeth. This can lead to tooth decay and many problems can occur with the tooth. Therefore, don’t chew the basil leaves and eat them. To consume it, you can either swallow the leaves with the help of water or you can adopt the method mentioned here. Also read: Do you know how Harsingar is beneficial for health?
Chew the basil leaves with your teeth instead of eating them this way To consume tulsi, you can use the leaves to make tea and put it in tea. You can consume basil leaves by boiling them in water. You can use Tulsi Ghanvati, tablets which are available in the market, to consume Tulsi and grind it. To consume tulsi, you can take the help of tulsi almanac juice which is on the market. Dry the basil leaves in the shade then grind them to a powder and eat. Puree fresh basil leaves and make a tablet and can be consumed. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general belief. Onesumore does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant experts before applying.)



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