Foods You Shouldn’t Consume After Eating Mangoes: Everyone loves to eat mangoes in summer. After all, why not eat it, it is a very good fruit in terms of health as well as health. Because of his many qualities, he was given the title of king of fruits. Fiber, vitamins and minerals are found in it. Many mango species are found on the Indian market, which have their own quality, taste and aroma. You can also use mangoes as chili sauce, mango panna, pickles and salads. ABP According to him, polyphenols, triterpines, lupiol, prevent body inflammation and antioxidant properties along with detoxifying the body and slowing down aging, but did you know that there are some rules about eating mangoes! Yes, actually when we consume mangoes as food it is important to pay attention to several things and one of them is which foods to bring and which not. Here we tell you that any things that can be consumed with mangoes can harm your health.

1. Water use

Water should not be consumed immediately after eating mangoes. Doing so can have a negative impact on your health. In particular, your digestive system could get worse and stomach ache, gas problems, acidity, bloating etc. may cause discomfort. Therefore, water should be consumed only after half an hour of eating mangoes.

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Many people like to eat mango yogurt. A bowl of lassi curd or mango curd along with chopped mango is also loved by people at home. But let us tell you that you should avoid doing this. In fact, these people can cause heat and cold in the body because toxins can be produced in the body and skin problems can start.

3. Use of Karela

Pare is bitter and mango is sweet. In such situations, it is advisable not to use bitter melon immediately after eating mangoes. If you do this then you may face nausea, vomiting and difficulty breathing.

4. Spicy food

After eating mango, people often want to eat spicy food which is very dangerous for health. Doing this can cause problems with your stomach and can have a bad impact on your skin. Not only that, acne etc. on the face can also be caused by this.

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5. Cold drinks

Drinking cold drinks immediately after eating mangoes can cause your sugar levels to get high. Especially for those with diabetes, it is like a poison. In such a situation, never drink cold drinks with mangoes. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm this. Please contact the relevant specialist before applying.)



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