This time of the Corona period is very difficult, but it is also very important to get out of it. Anxiety, pain, sadness, grief and pain from being separated from a loved one are many but it is necessary to control oneself and for this one to be happy one has to take care of oneself. At this time, there is a need to take care of yourself and be a support to those around you, friends and relatives. In such situations, to improve her mental health, News18 Hindi Assistant Editor Pooja Prasad had a Facebook Live conversation with Let Us Talk founder and emotional mental health expert Kanchan Rai. He conveyed some tips to overcome these situations that can be easily applied in everyday life.

Kanchan Rai says it is very important to be happy in today’s situation and you will get this happiness from yourself. To be happy, you have to work hard for yourself. It’s impossible to always keep yourself positive, but try to understand everything that’s going on in your mind, whether it’s positive or negative thoughts. According to him, it is very important to keep yourself under control. In this Corona era, it is necessary to control oneself and for this one must explain himself. Now the situation is not what it used to be, you can go and meet people when there is tension or stress. Spend time with friends. Currently more emphasis is placed on social distancing and in such situations it is advised to stay at home. However, do not feel alone when you are at home and busy yourself with various types of work.

According to Kanchan Rai, feel all the thoughts going on in your own mind and thoughts and try to find out why this is happening inside you. Why do these thoughts come to your mind? Once you know the reason, it will be easy for you to deal with each situation. Accept the problem first and then find the solution. Try to understand all the emotions inside you. It hurts to lose a loved one, but don’t keep it inside but let it out. You can cry a lot if you want. By doing this your mind will be lighter and your emotions will also be under control quickly.

It’s important to let your emotions out in order to relieve the tension that builds after someone leaves. If something bad has happened to you or if you have lost someone, then instead of getting depressed, keep positivity in your mind. Remember good memories and think about how you can make the environment positive. He says share your thoughts with people. In the time of Corona, you can easily do this job virtually. With the help of social media, you can spend time with many people at once.

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According to Kanchan Rai, doing meditation or working out at the gym is technically the same. It is like a course that has to be taken regularly for the body to accept it. However, rest is necessary in all cases, which keeps your mental health and physical health in balance. It’s also important to give yourself time. It is important that you create your own time table and meditate according to your body. Not needing to meditate for a long time will fix everything, but doing it the right way will make everything right. There is no time for meditation. You can meditate whenever you feel tension within you. There is no day or night work in this. You can also follow the advice of a meditation expert so that you can balance things well.



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