Price: ₹ 599.00 - ₹ 439.00
(as of May 13,2021 03:47:45 UTC – Details)

Dr. Korpet Steam Vaporizer or Facial Sauna (hereinafter referred to as “Dr. Korpet Steamer”) is a manufactured in India and thus have place of origin as India which is composed of hard material such as plastic, polymers etc., making it durable. Dr. Korpet Steamer is commonly used for health care purpose which helps in providing relief in allergy, sinus, cold, cough, asthma etc. Usage of Dr. Korpet Steamer will help to eliminate common bacteria, germs and related disease causing agent by keeping your respiratory system moist. Can provide relieve from cold and rhinitis symptoms, have therapeutic effects to the eye / ear, nose, pharyngitis / keratitis / tracheitis. Dr. Korpet Steamer vaporizer is easy to use and would be best choice for using at home and travel tours. Dr. Korpet Steamer is also ideal choice for beauty purpose along with health benefits. You can also add spices and essential oils thus enjoying aromatherapy sauna at home. Using Dr. Korpet Steamer can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, send the basic nutrients inside the skin cells through the tiny blood vessels and make the skin smooth, moisture, tender and rosy, and also can delay the aging of the facial skin.

4.Wash the vaporizer with lukewarm water before first use; 5.Ideal usage time 10-15 minutes depending upon purpose and body requirement;
6.Health purpose & benefits:- (a) relief in allergy, sinus, cold, cough, asthma etc. (b) eliminate common bacteria, germs etc., by keeping respiratory system moist (c) helps in clearing congestion & make breathing easy (d) reducing snoring if taken before sleep;
7.Point to Note – 1 .If you have skin troubles or you are undergoing treatment, use a facial steamer after consulting your doctor first. 2) While using a steamer, keep your face slightly away so as to avoid rashes or burning. 3) Aforesaid few benefits are general in nature and may vary from person to person, w.r.t. to skin tone, medical health, usability etc.


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