Benefits of Clay Pot Water: Previously people used clay pots to store water. The reason for this is also because the water in the potting soil stays cool naturally. At the same time, our ancestors realized that the water is better for health. This age-old practice is not only a traditional alternative to glass or other containers, it is also a healthy and therapeutic option to adopt. In summer, you have to drink water from pots or potting soil many times. Today, when refrigerators are used in almost every household, the use of earthen pots has decreased. But from a health point of view, it is good to drink water stored in clay pots. Let us know about the benefits-

keep neck fine
health scene According to a report, water stored in clay pots is good for the throat. Therefore, people suffering from colds, coughs, and asthma should drink boiled water instead of cold water from the refrigerator, because boiled water is better for the throat.

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no harmful chemicals
Plastic bottles are for specific uses only and contain toxic chemicals such as BPA. In such a situation, it is better to store water in an earthen pot. Because it not only enriches the water, but also does not pollute it.

beneficial for the body
The clay used to make tools is rich in minerals and electromagnetic energy. Therefore, when you drink water from an earthen jug, your body benefits from it.

Helping digestion
If you drink jug water regularly, then your digestive system stays good. Plastic waste also dissolves in plastic bottled water. Therefore, water stored in plastic bottles is not good for health. Potted water has the ability to fight many diseases.

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protect from heat
Heatstroke is a common problem during the hot summer months. Drinking water from clay pots helps with this, as the pottery retains rich minerals and nutrients and aids in rapid rehydration.



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