Lychee Health Effects: After summer mangoes, when it comes to seasonal fruit, then it is lychee fruit. Yes, this pink sweet fruit has many benefits and the taste is not inferior to other fruits. Talking about Ayurveda, longan has also been used for the treatment of many ailments. webmd According to this, it is very beneficial for relieving cough, fever, any kind of pain, any kind of urinary problems. In addition, it also reduces swelling and pain. Antioxidants are found in abundance in it, which strengthens the immune system and reduces the aging process. But in some people, there may also be possible allergies and side effects due to longan consumption. So tell us which people are considered necessary to follow the doctor’s advice from eating longan.

1. Pregnant and lactating women

There are still many studies conducted whether pregnant and breastfeeding women are safe to use longan or not. In such situations, to keep yourself safe, you should not consume longan or consume it only after the advice of a doctor.

2. Avoid if you are allergic

Avoid if you are allergic to birch, sunflower seeds and other plants from the same family, mugwort and latex. It is possible that you are also allergic to some types of longan. If you want, you can also get an allergy test done by a doctor.

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3. auto immune disease

Avoid longan if you have an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or other conditions. This can over-activate the immune system and increase the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

4. Diabetics Stay Away

Lychee extract can lower blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes and consume longan, you may have a low sugar level problem. In such a situation, consult a doctor and continue to monitor blood sugar continuously.

5. Stay away if you have had surgery

Longan actually lowers blood sugar levels, so keep your distance from longan during and after surgery. Otherwise, there may be problems controlling your blood sugar. We recommend that if you have to undergo surgery then stop consuming longan at least 2 weeks before the day of surgery.

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6. Low Blood Pressure

Although consuming longan can relieve hypertension, stress, respiratory problems, etc., if consumed in large quantities it can lower blood pressure in the body. Therefore, there may also be problems of lethargy, fainting, fatigue in the body, if you are taking blood pressure medication, then be careful in eating longan and do not eat longan without the advice of your doctor.



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