This Bollywood star reaches out to help Corona patients (symbolic image) (Photo courtesy: Exclusive Unofficial / youtube)

This Bollywood star reaches out to help Corona patients (symbolic image) (Photo courtesy: Exclusive Unofficial / youtube)

Celebrities reach out to help corona patients- Like Sonu Sood, people ask for help from other celebrities to help corona patients (Requesting help). In such situations, many celebrities reached out to help (Celebrities reached out to help) and donated resources and money.

Celebrities reach out to help corona patients- As a result of the corona virus, people are asking each other for help to get out of the misfortunes of community life. So, these same celebrities also ask for help. Thanks to the massive help of people through actor Sonu Sood during the Corona era, the general public also got expectations from other celebrities. This is the reason why people message celebrities via social media for help. Taking people’s appeal for help seriously, many celebrities have come forward to help corona patients (Many celebrities have come to help) Let us know about them. Ajay Devgan helps them Ajay Devgan has turned a wedding hall in Mumbai’s Shivaji Park into a temporary hospital for corona patients. They have set up twenty ICU beds, ventilators, oxygen sports, and monitors. Along with this, BMC has also donated about one crore rupee. In this regard, Ajay was also given by filmmakers Anand Pandit, Luv Ranjan and Boney Kapoor. Also Read: Know, Answers to questions regarding the second dose of Covid Vaccination Akshay Kumar helps his wife
Actor Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna have also reached out to help Corona patients. He recently donated hundreds of oxygen concentrators. Urvashi Rautela also stepped forward Actress Urvashi Rautela also came to help Corona patients. He has also donated an oxygen concentrator to Uttarakhand. Raveena Tandon extends a helping hand Given the public appeal, Raveena Tandon has assembled 300 oxygen cylinders to revive corona patients. Karan Johar also helps At the same time, the company Karan Johar Dharma Productions has also provided assistance to Corona patients. He began mobilizing resources to help corona patients in collaboration with the NGO Yuva. Information regarding the vaccination process will also be provided to the public on Dharma Productions social media accounts. Along with this, answers will also be given to community questions and assistance will also be provided to the community in the event of an emergency. Also read: Can a corona infection occur even after being vaccinated? Hrithik Roshan also helped Hrithik Roshan has also donated nearly eleven lakh rupees to help coronavirus patients. She has contributed to the Help India Breath fundraiser started by Donation Motivational Speaker Jai Shetty. These stars also help In an effort to give life to those who fought against Corona, many other celebrities have also raised their hands to help. This includes stars such as Bhumi Pednekar, Farhan Akhtar, Katrina Kaif, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty and Vicky Kaushal.



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